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Eli Manning: Alot Like Jake

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    i'm a big fan of eli and jake. both are good qb's playing on good teams, both of whom you'll be seeing in the playoffs.


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      I was thinking the exact same thing earlier today...



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        Originally posted by Aija
        Both alot of talent but prone to making bonehead mistakes and seeming to lose the suypport and confidence of their team. What disturbs me most about them is their nonchalant attitude on the sidelines or after making huge errors.

        I know that everyone is not built the same way but I never see any emotion from these guys or no indication that they have studies tape or familiarized themselves with the deffensive tendencies of the other teams.
        I think Eli will be a great QB of the future unlike Jake. And Eli is overall a WAY better QB than Plummer but thats not saying much

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          I think Eli suffers from his system more than he's just a bad quarterback. I don't think he'll ever be a hall-of-famer, but put him in a better, more pass-friendly system, I think he can be a good quarterback.

          I think Jake is what he is. He's not a hall-of-famer either, but he's capable of good, even great things. But when he's off, boy is he OFF.


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            Originally posted by Medford Bronco
            The difference is Eli is in his 3rd season and Jake is in his 10th. You would think that after 10 years the bad decisions would decrease. They have at times during his Bronco career, but not totally unfortunately. :brick:
            You beat me to it.

            There can be no comparison between these two for the reasons you gave.