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    Originally posted by champ24girl
    yep, brandon and ferguson both gone for the year. could we get bvp to come back and play safety for us? anyone else on the squad besides lynch, cox and abdullah play safety?
    No, BVP still thinks he has the talent to be an NFL qb. He won't take a demotion to a lower position.
    Ready for the friggen season already!


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      i like cox, hes pretty good at coverage and decent at run support. Besides since we practically use lynch just for run stopping cox could help Dwill out a bit (i know he is ss and he is not on dwill's side but thats what we try to do with fergy becasue we send lynch rushin and up close so much

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        its time for brandon browner

        oh wait he got cut

        put Cox in

        Cox always gets turn overs for us

        he has 2 ints and a fumble recovery in his 2 games playing as a saftey for us


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          Yeah Cox got a garbage INT that one day, but he seems decent. Where did Tyler Everett and Brandon Browner go?


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            I'm not a big fan of Ferguson but it still sucks to lose him. We have no depth at safety now. I hope Cox and Abdullah can handle their increased roles.

            Good luck in rehab Ferguson.
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              WE NEED A SAFETY!!!

              cos cos is "it" by the looks of things...

              but wow...

              we have absolutely raped this season with injuries to our team...

              weve lost brown...

              weve lost brandon...

              weve lost ferguson...

              all 3 players were players we could not afford to lose...

              we dont have depth in those positions...

              at all...



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                Originally posted by SimonSteele
                True--we need to call up some depth. I say put Cox out there, or Paymah.

                Cox! I can only ever remember announcers calling that name for good reasons. Let him play!

                They're your teammates, now.
                Best of luck, TT!
                ...Always a class act - in any uniform.

                sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

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                  Fergy's a solid run safety and he can hit. His tackling may be missed.


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                    sounds like cox will indeed get the nod:

                    "We need him, but we're blessed; we've got guys here who can play," Coyer said.

                    Chief among those is Curome Cox, who filled in at safety when Ferguson and Brandon all succumbed to various injuries at Pittsburgh. Cox ended the game with two takeaways -- an end-zone fumble recovery and an interception of Ben Roethlisberger.

                    "I have no reservations (about Cox)," Coyer said. "This guy's played for us. It isn't like we're putting a rookie in there. He's played for us and we have complete faith. There's no deal, and that's no b.(s.). That's how we feel.

                    "I'm very sorry that Nick (got injured), because we love him. I do. I'm sorry that he got nicked up. But we've got to go forward and we're blessed. We've got depth. Cox has played for us ... and performed well, so we don't have any reservations."
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                    rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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                      Originally posted by Prodigal19
                      Broncos | Ferguson expected to miss remainder of season
                      Tue, 21 Nov 2006 09:51:02 -0800

                      ESPNews reports Denver Broncos SS Nick Ferguson (knee) is expected to miss the remainder of the season.


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                        Originally posted by Astrass
                        Put Cutler in!!!!! lol
                        Hell yeah, he will be a probowl SS.


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                          Thats really bad news. Ferguson is probably the most underrated player from the Broncos. Losing him will have a big impact, and maybe he would have been the difference by the end of the SD game



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                            ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!


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                              Originally posted by SM19
                              I wonder if we'll consider giving Domenik Hixon a look at safety. I know he spent at least a season there in college, like Marshall. By no means do I want him to hop into the starting role -- he's just coming off an injury and has undoubtedly been doing the bulk of his work at wide receiver, but with such a logjam of wide receiver prospects already, it's an interesting possibility and could give us some depth.

                              interesting thought, but i myself would be happier if we re-signed tyler everitt, who has more recent experience at the position, and some reps with OUR defensive schemes. . . . hell, i'll be ecstatic if hixon can just contribute as a returner at some point, let alone switch back to DB. . . it's one thing for a 10+ year vet like troy brown to do it, but i'd rather hixon concentrate on learning one position rather than two. . . . you're definitely right that our depth is down to nothing though ( )-- i think we'll at least have to start dressing abdullah on game day. . . another problem is that cox and brandon also provided our depth at cornerback-- right now we only have four corners on the roster, so if one of our corners goes down we'll either have to move cox to corner and play abdullah, or work without our dime package. . . . :brick:

                              EDIT: okay, i just saw in another thread that we've added this guy quentin harris, to our active roster. . . . sounds like a career backup and special teamer, he was cut by the giants earlier this year and was obviously added strictly for depth. . . . guess we won't be bringing everitt back though. . . .
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                              rest in peace, darrent williams and damien nash-- you will be missed!!


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                                Fregs is a very good player and he'll be missed for the reminder of the year

                                one of my fav broncos...

                                even though there all my fav

                                I still miss the blue background.