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    Seems like this is starting to get a little off topic. Anyway, I've been a message board member since 2004, but I only have a little over 100 posts.

    Am I a newbie? Does that mean my opinion doesn't matter because there are others who've posted 1000?

    If my opinion is different, will I be torn to shreads by folks that post more and run me off of the board?

    I guess to some elitists, the # of posts make them somehow superior.
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      Originally posted by DBfan187
      I support your opinion. I support our team no matter what.

      And that's what a fan is. I'd prefer Jay for at least a quarter but when Jakes out there I'm rooting for him.
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        Thanks guys.. much appreciated.

        A fan, to me, lives by the team and dies by the team. When things are good, it's like having a new child. Full of happiness and being proud. When it's bad, it's like death! Death of a family member who you HAVE ALWAYS loved and was proud of..

        I'm not calling anyone a fool for not supporting Jake, OK he's average. I'm saying this might be a time of death. We need to ralley and support our team until the grass gets greener. A fan, myself included, are devoted to the Broncos. I'm devoted thru bad times simply because I can't be a fan in times of good only. Jake is gone. Let's respect him, he's still a NFL QB on an elite team.

        When he plays for Oakland or the Eagles, then HATE him.. The QB will always take the heat. I hope, I honestly hope, the past of Elway doesn't haunt Cutler. It's possible.. Sad and true.


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          While you make some good points.....coming on here and saying that bronco fans are the worse in the nfl......was not a good idea.....and also not true,,,,,imo
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            For that I'm sorry.. I might have worded it wrong. Might have been a touch harsh. Seems harsh gets attention around here. I'm not only saying it, so are other fans and other sports writers.

            I also said it was the brutal truth. Is it true? Not for some.. For others I'm not so sure.


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              Originally posted by lancane
              Wow, I am nothing? I asked what your credentials are...what do you do for a living? And that is the best you got? What am I searching for my small fortitude weighing friend?

              Sad, all I ask is that you make a good post to any debate, instead you switch hit blame like a lame duck MLB misfit. You come here new and start attacking those that have been here more then you and you feel justified? Who has the ego?

              Art Shell is a respectful gentlemen and a good coach, how do you get Raider lover out of a compliment? Is that the best attack your sorry mind can come up with? I respect Bill Cowher, does not make me a Steelers' patsy...? Well I respect Reeves to so maybe you can say I hate just the new Broncos, look for an excuse for you to feel big! I do not think you can do it, your a sad excuse for using your rights to freedom of speech by sounding belligerent!


              Ya'll is crazy
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                Originally posted by broncos_mtnman
                Oh goody...

                Another newbie telling others how to be a fan.

                Just because people are new to the boards doesn't mean they are new to Broncos football. Alot of us have been fans for a long time ( in my case since 78), in other instances some people may have posted before and are now posting under new user names. Either way we are all entitled to our opinion just as you are to yours.