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  • Europe loves Broncos

    I'm posting to tell you guys that the Broncos must be very appreciated here among the few nfl fans here in Europe because the network 'NASN' which broadcasts the NFL games live get the Broncs game every week since we reveive it here in France (next 2 weeks also)
    as a football and a Broncos fan i couldn't be happier even if broadcasting live broncos games mean 10:30pm to 1:30am here

    Europe loves Denver and that's a good thing

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    Haha, the only fans I see around here are Oakland, SF and Patriots. Oh, possibly the Dolphins.

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      if a network shows a team every week that's because there are higher ratings with it so I guess your friends aren't representative of europe nfl fans


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        Almost all the football fans I know in France are Broncos fan... Except my brother who his a Giants fan...

        But I don't have NASN... I only have games on Canal+... It would be a huge fight with my wife to have NASN...

        ps : Scytale... Don't worry about Muse... He's too shy to admit he's a Broncos fan in fact...
        Just talk slowly please... I'm French

        GO BRONCOS

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          Originally posted by frenchfan
          Don't worry about Muse... He's too shy to admit he's a Broncos fan in fact...
          No I'm not, I'm a Bronco through and through!

          Elvon Millervil eat grues for breakfast.

          Pey-Pey to Bey-Bey for the Tey-Dey.


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            tu devrais convaincre ta femme de prendre canalsat pour NASN, c'est dément


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              I am a UK Broncos fan... I think it depends on when you began to watch the sport. My brother is a 49ers fan

              He began watching when Joe Montana began to emerge.

              When I started to get interesting there was a young QB named Elway in the league
              But I was drawn to Denvers D and in particular Karl Mecklenberg No.77
              Dennis Smith who was followed by Steve Atwater
              Rulon Jones at DE

              I watch all three SuperBowl Loses including one to my brother's 49ers :brick:


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                Um NASN shows what they can get from the USA. They get the primetime games, and the scheduling in the last few weeks has been such that the Broncos have had more primetime games(flexi-scheduling), because they rate higher in the USA than say Oakland vs anyone.

                It's all dependent in the networks that they deal with in the USA, and what games they can get from them.
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                  yes but I'm also talking about 4:15pm games when it is the Broncos game that's showed

                  i agree with highlander about when you began to watch the NFL


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                    Heh I'm a Denver Broncos fan, from Dublin. Been a fan for 20 years now. Love it how many times they're shown live on Sky & C5. Going to the Seattle game on Sunday week, first game I'll see live. Moved to 815pm, cant wait. It can be tiring watching these late games , some finishing at 5am, but it's worth it to see the Broncos. Let's beat these chefs, stomp all over Seattle, and go to San Diego and reclaim our divisional title!!!
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                      I just started watchin American Football last week, just gettin into it really, watched the Broncos lose to San Diego, was a shame, Brocos played better and they should have won they just a bit of work on their Defense!

                      watchin their next game this sunday (23rd november i believe ) gonna be awesome.. its gonna be 5 in mornin before game finishes over here and im workin at 9, but i might be able to make it lol... although i do work 13 hours a day :brick:

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                        mostly the same here, i watched till 1:30 (there was nascar too) and recorded the primetime game to watch it from 6 to 7am then 2 hours road trip, tiring monday


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                          and champagne for the francais who sent me a message i don't have your id man post here


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                            I just say to heck with it and book a day off work

                            (Except tomorrow, I'm going to be a real tired little Bronco come 5pm )
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                              i hate the idea of Friday morning staff reunion (mandatory), without that I would be at home watching Denver