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What are you gonna do when Cutler fails?

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    Lets see the first what 5 games the off 12 points and the defense didn't allow a touch down.


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      Originally posted by JRWIZ

      If coyer and bradford survive the end of the season, it will be a miracle IMHO.


      we have been saying that for three years...still he's here ...hopefully shanny just gets mad an heads roll
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        Originally posted by Bikerman69
        Lets see the first what 5 games the off 12 points and the defense didn't allow a touch down.
        I'm sorry.

        I didn't realize what you did in the past exempts you from the current blame you face today.

        That applies to Plummer, The D, Rod Smith, anyone who didn't have a good job on any given day. (Depending oin the game).

        Respect players or units for their past accomplishments, but don't use them to pass the blame from them for thier current, more up-to-date, performances.

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          Originally posted by Ravage!!!
          Doesn't matter who starts from this point out. We are NOT, in ANY way, a Super Bowl contending team. That being said.. Jake didn't have a good game, but he didn't have a horrible game either. However since our team just is NOT a contender, we might as well let the kid get some playing time. He won't turn things around this season. He's not going to lead us to the promise land this season. He's not going to make us have a better runner. But at least he'll get some good experience in before taking the reigns next season, and will be able to build on that.

          Our team is BAD. We are a BAD team. We are Not good..... at alll. Lets face those facts and accept them. It isn't our season. So what. Let the classless Chargers gloat for their success this season, and let the Chiefs feel they have a chance. After all, both those teams rarely see the post season.

          I'm sure there are many on here just chomping at the bit to just BLAST Cutler the first chance they get, and after next weeks game they will get the chance. They can compare Jake to the rookie allllllllllll they want to. Jay's team from this point forward.
          Now I wouldn't say this is a "Bad" team. I'm sure there are a lot of behind the scene stuff going on now and it has become a distraction for everyone. Just making the move to Cutler might induce a "rally around the rookie" attitude and help get everyone on the same page which they are not right now.
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            If Jay fails....... hmmmm........ I will blame the cheerleaders, because they are causing a distraction for the fans and the players, thats why we can't block, run, tackle, pass, catch, or get a good pass rush going. Is it me or are our cheerleaders looking good?


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              Originally posted by Lorcust
              And another brilliant poster creates the ultimate "Jake-lover" stereotype that will have every detractor identifying him and what he says as what everyone who supports Jake thinks...

              Way to go...
              Isn't that great?? The initial post in this thread didn't speak for me, either.

              For the record, if Jay fails, I'll continue rooting for his success. If Jay fails, I won't kick him when he's down. I've never stopped rooting for Jake, or any other Broncos starting QB. If Shanahan makes the switch, so be it. I've rooted hard for Jake, but I'm ready for a change. Mike calls the shots and has to take the heat if the team fails.

              Guaranteeing Jay's future success or lack thereof is impossible. Guesses can be made..... and I'd have to guess he will play better than Jake has overall this season, but that's all I can do.
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                What are u going to do now that you are banned??