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Is Jay Cutler as good as Dan Marino?

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    why u guys are comparing jay cutler to dan marino..
    he didn't even take a single snap..

    right now..i just want him to be better than jake so that we can win some games...


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      He also never made another is Dan Marino rookie better than any other Dan Marino in any year? Is a superbowl the only measure. Even that standard doesn't work. I guess Dan never improved since his rookie year?
      John and TD should get their own wing in Canton.


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        Originally posted by Interpol
        This is a serious question, think about the answer.

        If you answered no, and Dan Marino was the only rookie QB to EVER take a team to the superbowl (he still lost), than Jay Cutler can't fix our team. (we need alot of help).

        If you answered yes, well.... You're probably a Vanderbilt fan.
        I keep thinking about this post more than I should... but....if we don't get to the SB then Jay can't fix our team. Maybe he can IMPROVE our team?! That's the main ONE guy can get a team to the superbowl.
        John and TD should get their own wing in Canton.