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the Broncos will take the AFC west

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    Originally posted by LightningBolt
    If the Broncos couldn't beat Chargers at home, what makes you think they can beat them away? Not to mention also that you will be starting a rookie quarterback which will mean that you guys might even lose some of the easier games. I like your optimism though.

    We can beat the chargers at home and away..... not saying last game was a fluke cuz chargers beat us good.

    but shanny made some big mistakes at the wrong time. I like plummer he has brought us to the playoffs and a 13-3 record last season, but shanny shouldnt of let him have the ball on 4th and what was it 3 or 7 yards something like that. should have trusted the defense more.. so with that final play and plummer giving the ball up so close to there endzone it made us look like we lost harder then we really should have.

    like i said i like plummer but im excited to see what cutler does, and like some people said i dont think he can really do worse then what plummer has done. you never know he might be the missing link the one that puts confidence in the team and the fans.

    12-4 sounds good, but i think we will go 11-5 unfortunatly and to many great teams out there this season, so the chances of making it to the superbowl are slim. but BRONCOS are my team and i have faith in every one of them so i say COME GET SOME BOLTS!!!!