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Seattle does not look ready to play a team like Denver

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    Greenbays run defense looked lost today tho. If we hit Shaun hard he won't run as hard and he might even fumble......he just looks shaky, hes def not 100% yet.


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      I am so pumped about this week.

      I always feel like talking crap but I hate eating crow.

      Maybe I should keep my mouth shut this week?


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        Originally posted by Lord Sobi
        I know you said the defense isn't very good latley, but have they been good at stopping the run, or are they just terrible all around?
        They're average (like around 20th I believe), but they do give up a fairly high YPC. They lost their big plugger Marcus Tubbs, and their SS is quite poor against the run.

        We've faced better.


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          ^not to mention today was the first game one of their CB got an interception, turns out they both got one on favre lol

          I can just see alot of over the top balls to Javon Walker.


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            I still dunno though...

            After tonight's game Seattle seems be a bit more of an unknown quantity, making the next game a bit scary.


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              Originally posted by WABronco
              I still dunno though...

              After tonight's game Seattle seems be a bit more of an unknown quantity, making the next game a bit scary.
              I agree, especially on Offense.

              I think they will give our defense a run for it's money. For a W, I think our Offense is going to have to pick up the slack. If Cutler's can make them defend the pass, this is the perfect team to run for a buck 50, maybe even an easy duece.
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                I think its tough to judge teams playing in weather like that. I believe gameplans go out the window and you just play smashmouth football and do what works. Seattle made better adjustments at halftime and won the game. Its hard to say exactly how Hasselbeck will do based on this game, and Alexander had more carries because it was hard to throw the ball.

                I think you just have to throw that game out for planning purposes and look at more of a history of how that team has been with that group of players healthy. Its gonna be a tough game for Denver based on that.


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                  Originally posted by WABronco
                  Reasons to worry:

                  1)The two stars are healthy.

                  2)Seattle ran the ball with efficiency (consistent gains).

                  3)Alexander looked the best he has all year.

                  4)DJ Hackett gives them 3 solid receiving options--a better trio than anyone we've played this year.

                  5)Nate Burleson has all the sudden become an excellent returner.

                  Reasons to not worry:

                  1)Their defense is still struggling, mightily.

                  2)Hasselbeck was a tad rusty in his first game back, although that may mean nothing by Sunday night.

                  3)Their defense is still struggling, mightily.


                  Hopefully we can establish our running game...that's all I can point to.
                  You forgot one reason we shouldnt worry
                  4)Their defense is still struggling, mightily.


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                    Truth to be told.... I am afraid of Mr. Alexander, not personally but what he might be able to do to my team
                    But then I remember ..... we have Mr. "I will hurt You a lot!" Lynch and my worries go away. If Mr. Lynch is ready and (pun intentended!) on the ball, he will put so much hurt in Mr. Alexander that the dear Seattle player will be shoved backwards into the locker room and assume the same colour as his uniform!.
                    But then again things might just look differently and Mr. Alexander will totally destroy my team.... (crossed fingers and a silent prayer that this will not happen!)
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                      Originally posted by BigBroncLove
                      I disagree. I think Seattle will be a very difficult team to beat. Their offense looked to stall early on, and Hasselbeck had some rust to shed, but they did very well given the conditions (a rarity for the Seattle team) and the injuries they have sustained. Their starting Center Tobeck and RT Locklear were out for the game. Alexander and Hasselbeck were both coming off of injuries, and despite it all they did big things on the ground and in the air. Given Hasselbeck threw a lot of interceptions, but I don't forsee a similar performance next week with another week of practice under his belt. I imagine he may be prone to a few mistakes against our defense, but I expect to see a much more polished looking offense next week.

                      The Seahawks defense continued to start slow and look better as things progressed. They certienly seem to be a 2nd half D. They are terrible tacklers, and that will help the Broncos running game, but they do have a fairly skilled secondary (even though I still think K. Herndon is over rated). Cutler should be careful against Seattle, they have a lot of speed, but I think they are very vulnerable underneath. If we can make the Seahawks worry about the run, get a screen or two in there, and make a few short/quick passes, Seattle will over react. Thats what they did in the Superbowl against the Steelers and they still seem to have a tendency to do it. I'd also expect more then a few bootlegs from the Broncos. Just because Plummer isn't behind center doesn't mean we still don't have a mobile QB. That's my predictions anyhow, not owrth much I know, maybe about :2cents:
                      Not to mention I read that the weather is going to be awful Sunday night.