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Official: Plummer will play Sunday

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    Originally posted by 12and4
    I think Shanny is the biggest gambler in the league of coaches. Throws Challenges like personal fouls against the raiders. He will do something crazy. He goes for 4th downs all the time... IMO
    I agree that he goes for it a lot on 4th downs. But just for the sake of arguement, it takes a lot less guts to go for it on 4th and 2 with a conventional offense than it takes to run a fake feild goal play on 4th and 5 with a kicker like Elam, where 3 points are assured.


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      Originally posted by rich5368
      Plummer's a stand up guy that wants to help the team win. I'm willing to bet that you see him trot on the field with his head high and treat it as business as usual
      Agreed. It won't be an issue.
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        How is this an issue?? Has Jake's lack of production as the holder caused problems??
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          Elam and Jake have gotten very comfortable together regarding extra points and field goals....

          Bottom line - it boils down to having the best holder and the player Jason feels most comfortable with on the field....

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            Hopefully the crowd will give him an ovation in respect of what he did the last few years in Denver. And yes naysayers......he did do lots in denver during his time here


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              lets see....ill analize this.....

              Jake will go out on the field after a touchdown.....get ready for the snap.....catch the it oh so perfectly.....and Elam will make the field goal.....

              sounds good to me.....
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