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Javon Walker on Marcus Trufant = MISMATCH

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    Originally posted by The Dyna$ty
    Please expose it, this guy has been looking like toast all year long, people use to call him one of the top corners but this year he looks like a chump and hes been getting used, just the though of him one on one with Javon Walker is

    The seahawks play alot of single man coverage, and we all know jay cut can deliver that deep ball, I hope we can expose this mismatch and maybe it will lead us to Jay's first game as a success and a victory for Mike Shannahan and the Denver Bronco!

    your thoughts?
    I expect for most man-coverage schemes that Seattle will play, they will double Walker with two DB's or a DB and safety. They couldn't possibly do this every time they go into man coverge, but they will do it the majority of the time in my opinion since neither of their safties has proven to be exceptional tacklers this year. They will probably go man-to-man on Smith a lot and try and play him tight since he's lost a little of his speed.

    I don't think Trufant (or many DB's) can cover Walker, but I expect Holmgren to try more then just one-on-one man-coverage to shut Walker down. While I like the matchup from Denver's perspective, I don't expect it to be what defines Walker's game.
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