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How many games will the Broncos win?

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  • How many games will the Broncos win?

    I know it is still early in the year, but the way free agency has went and the draft, how many games do you think will Denver win this year, and who do you think they will lose to during the upcoming season?
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    My prediction is 10-6 or 11-5. The losses come @ SD, @ KC, @ Indy, @ GB, and then they lose 1 or 2 games that they should win like at home vs Pitt or on the road against Minn. Unfortunately if I am correct then it means we go into the playoffs losing two straight and probably having to go back on the road for a wildcard game.


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      I feel the same 10-6 maybe. We always play good when the season starts and then terrible after a bye. Losses @KC @BAL [email protected] @GB


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        13 & 3

        It will be tough to beat Indy on the road on Sunday night. Although payback may provide some extra incentive, the Colts will more than likely be fighting for their playoff lives.

        Forget the Packers, they are too old and their defense cannot stay with conditioned teams late into the game. Even in Lambeau. Denver wins late.

        I think the tide has turned on the Broncos when it comes to the Raiders. We'll split the home & home with them.

        Also, the Broncos will put up one stinker against someone they should wallop. It will likely be either the Browns or Bears @ home.


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          I'll wade in with 11 wins as a conservative number. This assumes Coyers D is better at keeping red zone points off the board, improves on 3rd down efficiency and can find a faster way to pressure the QB.

          It also assumes that Plummer lives largely up to expectations as a leader and can keep his mistakes to a minimum!


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            Okay... I'll chime in now....

            I think 11-5. With losses coming from the Raiders once and KC once. Indy we should be able to beat by now, snow or no snow. We played pathetic against them the last two seasons. I think we will lose to Baltimore yet again... something about that team throws a wrench into the Broncos scheme, but I bet there won't beat a 100+ run back on a field goal this year. That leaves two losses to go... I'll say Pittsburg because of their defense, and Chicago in an upset because of Urlacher, and Kordell's scrambling ability.
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              I think we'll split with KC & the Raiders, as most everyone agrees. Not Indy, though, I have a difficult time standing behind that team. The Steelers & the Ravens will be toughies, as will GB in the last game of the season...who knows what will be at stake here for either team. At SD could be tough, too.
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                Davis Belongs in the Hall of Fame.

                Elway was the only one from "the QB class of '83" to win Back to Back rings.


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                  Heck, if you're going to dream, dream BIG!

                  19 and OH, baby!


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                    I am looking at a cool 11-5 no less than 10-6 with a home win and a road loss in in the playoffs.


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                      Well look at the predictions so far, I can tell you we are going to have some pissed off Broncomaniacs if they start 0-4 like Griese's first year at the helm.
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                        After looking at the schedule, I'd have to agree with 10-6. I can see starting out 4-0 and be 5-4 at the bye week. Going 4 of 5 for the next 5 games seems realistic, and taking one of the final two on the road to finish at 10-6. Playoffs are hard to call since it seems like it's been a while since we've been there.

                        Loved that!!!


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                          Let's Be Realistic, My Friends!

                          I have read all of the predictions that others have posted and I am astonished at how totally unrealistic they are.

                          10-6? 11-5? 13-3? 16-0? 19-0? LOL!!!!!

                          I have a hard time visualizing this Broncos team winning any more than 8 games and that is highly unlikely.

                          The Bronco's defensive backfield is, quite simply, PATHETIC!!!! They are not going to be able to stop anybody with the mediocre personel on the roster.

                          My prediction for the 2003 Denver Broncos? 7-9
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                            "Forget the Packers, they are too old and their defense cannot stay with conditioned teams late into the game. Even in Lambeau. Denver wins late." - Ken Christie


                            With all due respect, my friend, the Broncos have a much older team than the Packers do.

                            This sounds a bit more like "wishful thinking" than "honest observation".

                            When one considers the realities of the matchup; the fact that the Packers have a much stronger team combined with the fact that the Packers nearly alway finish strong in December and the fact that that Broncos nearly alway fade away in December, I would give the Broncos no chance whatsoever in the season finale in Green Bay.
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