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  • Williams.....

    i knew it would help us out alot with gold leaving, now if Mobley can get healthy again then we could in a year or two when DJ matures have one of the best LB crew in the NFL, not to mention we have one of the best defences in the league, and im not worried who they put in HB becuase i think with our line any of them could do a little somthing. But in my own opinion i think Anderson should start or griffin just becuse they both have talet, Griffin still need to prove him self but The colts game shows he gots nice talent, but we know anderson can run the ball so... I think we will do just fine next year, and lelie with the WR job now he will get his time to shine, so alot of people are going to be showing what they got.... we will see what happens....

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    mobley needs to get healthy and loose his car keys


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      Anderson doesn't have big play potential....

      Hearst will be our 3rd down back....

      Bell or Griffin will start, and be good. Bell is the fasted back in the draft, and if he gets loose kiss him GOOOOOOOOOD-BYE.

      Griffin has more vision and better moves, but he doesn't have the breakaway speed that is in Bell's class.

      We need some OL and WR help still....I'm not the LEAST bit sold on Watts.


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        Originally posted by BroncoStud102
        Bell is the fasted back in the draft, and if he gets loose kiss him GOOOOOOOOOD-BYE.
        Damn that sounds good to my ears!

        I'm picturing it right now in my head against the Chiefs!


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          He runs a sub 4.35.....

          He was NEVER once tackled from behind in college....NOT 1 single time.....

          That is somewhat remarkable to me....

          He is .5 fast than Portis was.


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            Stud, read the article on watts from the broncos front page.....

  'll be amazed at what he's accomplished. Makes Moss sound like a water boy.
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              Yeah I did see what he did....

              That guy is pretty damn good in my opinion....

              His yardage is INSANE, and every clip I see of him he is going deep for a TD and burning a CB.

              I'm pretty excited about him actually. Good pick on our part, considering he wasn't even in the top 25 prospects.