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FIRE COYER great corners not being utilized

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    Coyer's problem is he to predicable and not imaginative. Last year it was blitz the QB, blitz the RB, blitz the QB again and then when the game was over blitz the water boy. This year it's zone, zone zone to keep the waterboy out the endzone. What he needs is a balance between man, zone, and blitzing. This whole play it soft thing isn't working. I like the team more when we were blitzing at least we were aggrisive and putting presher on the QB.
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      Originally posted by ydave77
      Its not all Coyers fault. When you dont have the players, you dont have the players. Our management has given him a strength in what most consider the least impt unit in a 4-3 defense (aka the LB's). Our Dline as has been told, and retold, passed down from father to son, is that our DLINE SUCKS. Our secondary aside from Champ isnt that greta in covg either, so if you dont give a guy lemons, you cant expect lemonade. We need more playmakers. I am not saying I love Coyer, or even that he shoudl be kept around for next yr. What I am saying is that we have problems greater than our defensive coordinator.
      thats absurd. Everyone says we have the best linebackers. USE THEM to rush. they cant cover 4.3 recievers. THis zone coverage scheme sucks. Everyone thats beat the colts blitzes them or finds a way to get a rush on peyton. You cannot let him sit back there and pick you apart Coyer is an idiot if he cant realize this crap by now.


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        Originally posted by BroncosZBlitz
        Well, it's hard to criticize your defensive coordinator, when he has given up just 23 points and forced 4 turnovers, to one of the most explosive offenses out there. The biggest weakness of this D, I would say, is that it doesn't do very well under extreme pressure.
        AMEN! That D gave up 23 points yesterday, despite being backed into a corner 3 times. Cincy started inside the 10 because of Cutler's INT. They started at the 20 because of that tipped punt. And they started around the 30 after Bell's fumble.

        They also created 4 turnovers, creating great field position twice, and (if I'm not mistaken) those turnovers led to 10 points.