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So is this when the real fans come out?

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    I love my Broncos, but I'm really fed up with them at this point and looking forward to rooting for the Chargers in the playoffs.[/B][/QUOTE]

    Go to Cali then fool!!! Have you been cheering for them chargers through all those superbowls?? Oh wait there has only been 1 and they got B slapped, right on good choice!!


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      The senseless loss of Darrent Williams just adds to the tragedy of this season for the Broncos and their fans. Darrent deserved better. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and teammates.


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        It happens to every franchise man. Wasted talent. Forget it now, its over. Lets remember Darrent.

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          Originally posted by discovery47
          This year's team is one of the most pathetic I've seen in my 46 years as a Broncos fan. They had plenty of talent, but seemed to be lacking in brains, heart, and guts. They were as schizofrenic and error prone as any team in the NFL. They found every way possible to kill drives, give up first downs, and give away games they should have dominated. They were apparently out-coached for much of the season. Other teams figured out their defense and had their way with them regularly after the first few games. Their running game never did develop the way it has in previous years.

          Maybe they did us a favor by choking against San Francisco--now we won't have to put up with the frustration and indignity of seeing them self-destruct again in the playoffs. If they don't do some serious soul searching and house cleaning in the off-season, we will likely be sentenced to another season of their pathetic brand of football.

          I love my Broncos, but I'm really fed up with them at this point and looking forward to rooting for the Chargers in the playoffs.
          You joined the boards just to vent your anger? Youre no fan man.


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            Originally posted by Frick49ers
            LMAO ummm ya dude maybe u should look at the time of my post there genious it was posted minutes before any information on williams dyinclearly meaning i was already typing it also maybe you should look at my signature before u jump my balls, coming in here making ur 2nd post talkin mess about me if your even a 9ers fan which i doub.. anyone can make a name and post negative things, I have posted on many topics already and its not like a hate the broncos now is really not the time for your negativity so ya good day to you..
            you only need to look at this thread for your argument to lose any credibility. Your post was after a guy mentioning it, and it was broke before you posted that crap.

            Think about what you are trying to say and be able to BACK IT UP, Jesse...

            As for saying "even if I am a niners fan", trust me, that means nothing. I feel no affiliation to you whatsoever, same team or not. It's my first post as I only registered on here to offer my condelences and tell you to reel that mouth in.
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