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    Ravage.... I am not trying to be overly optimistic as I think the defence will be great it's just that the last thing I remember is the Colts running up and down the field at will and you always wonder if other teams don't make note of what happened. (I know different year different team)

    What scares me is the offence. It's not because Portis left as the Broncos always seem to find a RB to get the job done. But Portis was a hell of a running back with the Broncos and when he was on his game the Broncos usually won. My concerns with the offence is with Plummer and the Recievers. Lelie looks like a gamer but Smith needs to have a big bounce back season. Plummer needs to stay healthy and needs to have a big year. If this all happens then they will prove me wrong and I will be thrilled.