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how is Bailey not DPOY

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    merriman got some by bullrushing RTs too, but i think the voters will take the 4-0 with him suspended, into consideration when they award it to taylor or bailey


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      I'd like to think that Merriman would be ruled out by his "Performance Enhancing Drug" suspension but from articles I've read and things I've heard in the press (radio, TV) it seems like the consensus on Merriman is that "he served his suspension" and should be considered.

      IMO if Merriman were to get it, that award would be tainted for a long time as well as the NFL. I just don't understand how you can award someone for breaking rules and policy. Just doesn't make sense to me. It sets the wrong standard.

      Look at baseball. It's lost a step and partly because of the steriod situation. When Mark McGwire and Barry Bond started breaking records it kind of excited everyone. Gave people a reason to watch. Then came the truth of the situation, they were taking "Performance Enhancing Drugs".


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        Originally posted by Britrock
        I think it's him and Jason Taylor head to head. The NFL would be looked down on if it awarded it to Merriman after his drugs ban this year.

        But JT's stats are pretty sick: 13.5 sacks, 2 INTs, 2 TDs, 9 (NINE!!) fumbles forced, 8 passes defended.
        Forced fumbles aren't that big when you look at the fact that a lot of the time a sack comes with a fumble. It would be interesting to see how many he collected with those sacks.
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          just another HORRIBLE thing to add to Denver's new year.....if Bailey does not win defensive player of the year.....
          "I'm also serious when I say: You can't stop Elvis Dumervil; you can only hope to contain him." -Peter King-

          -The best in the business-


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            I want Bailey to win, but have this strange feeling that Taylor from the Dolphins will due to preseason media expectations make-up and ego-boosting call...
            Go Broncos, make me keep believing this year