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    I have a feeling Rod will be back. The emotions for denver os sky high right now and I dont see Rod retiring on this note.

    I have a feeling rod will have a better year next year.


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      I don't know it would suck to see him leave after this.
      Thank You Darrent RIP


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        What do ya say we let Smith determine that?

        He was getting open better as the season wore on. (And unfortunately dropping more passes)

        Who here does not think the Broncos could use his leadership next year?


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          Originally posted by BroncoFanCanada
          Anybody else think we might have seen Rod's last game? He seems to have lost a little bit this season, I realize Walker became the number one receiver, and he had fewer passes thrown his way, but, he didn't seemt he same.

          Mike Bell said today on his local raqdio show that he saw no indication from Rod that he was anywhere near retirement...


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            Originally posted by MindField
            Mike Bell said today on his local raqdio show that he saw no indication from Rod that he was anywhere near retirement...
            Why are some people so eager to see him leave?

            I sat in front of some kid at the game Sunday.....

            "Get off the field"...."Wheres my fork? He's done"....."Smith is a bum! Put in Baby T.O".......

            And this was after Smith made plays! Or just as Smith was taking the field!
            But just because there was someone he liked better!



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              Originally posted by nickmeyer
              Rod has at least 1 more if not 2 left in him.
              I still believe a lot of his problems have been due to leapin and diving after bad passes for several years, and getting hit whether he catches it or not. Now he's got a more precise young QB and a lot of young talent around him, and after an offseason to heal up I think we'll see him back as at least the #2 WR. I hate to say it, but since Cutler's been in I've caught myself wondering if it hasn't been a case of "oops, that pass was actually where it was supposed to be.... " I think will find out next year.


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                I think Rod wants to give it one more try with Jay Cutler throwing the passes.

                He knows that this team will have a huge "fire" in them, from the tragedy of Williams.

                I think all the vets will be back to give it one more ride..

                Rod might have had a bad year, but I really don't think he lost a step. You could say he did, but he was a pro bowler a year ago, and I really don't think he could lose all of that talent in less then a year.

                Javon became the go to guy, getting more passes thrown his way.

                It makes Rod look bad when few passes go to him, while not catching some or holding on the the ball.

                He still has skill, and with Jay Cutler now the man.. I think he'll redeem himself largley next year (while back in a Bronco jersey).


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                  Originally posted by muse
                  In an ideal world he'll sign a contract with the team to be player coach and play either #2 or #3 (depending how he does in camp). Haha. I can dream.
                  I'm dreaming the same dream bro. I would love for Rod to stick around as a #3 and also coach those young guys.
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                    In a recent phone interview with Rod Smith on AM950, Rod rejected the idea that he was ready to retire. He's a consummate competitor and will battle for his position next year. He'll likely be the #3 behind Marshall or maybe even the #2. He's critical to the health of the Bronco's culture and a leader on a young, young offense (Cutler, Scheffler, Mike Bell, Brandon Marshall, and even Javon). Javon may be the playmaker, but Rod is the leader. Not only would he be the best choice based on ability for a #3 receiver (or maybe #2), he's essential for next year's team chemistry and mentoring.

                    He had 52 receptions for 512 yards and 3 scores. He had 1 reception of 20+ yards, down from 29 in the last two years combined. Marshall and Walker are legitimate downfield threats, so I think Rod will be the #3 man.

                    I think you have to give a lot of the credit that Brandon Marshall receives to Rod, he has been an excellent mentor and guide. In the interview Rod mentioned how he teaches Brandon to practice and prepare and keep his head up. He's the man responsible for all those little things that get the team a W that don't get captured during the broadcast of the game. It would be a mistake and a shame for Rod not to suit up next year. He said he is receptive to moving into a more of a mentoring role, and it looks like that is what's happening.


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                      I thought #80 lost a step a few years ago but he kept coming up with the big plays when they counted most of the time. I think he's got at the most two more solid years as a 3rd or 4th string wide out in this league. He's going to have to work on his seperation though or he might be a preseason cut like the great J. Rice was a couple years back.


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                        His route running is still excellent, I think he's not coped well with the QB situation this year. I loved his TD against the Cards though, I've never seen a DB look so confused

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                          I think that he can, and will come back. In the last game I was thinking yeah where has this been all season? (no comment). But I think the guy can still play and I think that he will want to come back a year or two. I too think he wants to teach a bit more to the younger guys that WANT to play, not just show up cuz they have a job in the NFL. See ya next year Rod!
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