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Rating the recent past drafts

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    A given player in the wrong system can ruin a career

    yes.. exactly. I agree completly


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      Re: Rating the recent past drafts

      Originally posted by Road_Apples

      1999 blew... all we ended up with of value is Al Wilson
      And you know what that value was?! One of the best linebackers in the league!


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        um ya! I already pointed that out. Your point is?

        Out of 12 picks one would hope that more than 1 would turn out great and contribute long term.


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          You guys crack me up. Do you fools even know how many years the average career is for an NFL player?

          To hear all this talk about horrible drafting is just nonsense. Grading drafts is ridiculous.

          Since Shanny has become head coach in 1995, we have become one of the better winning teams in football.

          91-53 since Shanny took over in 1995 season.


          HOWS THAT FOR A GRADE YOU *******S!

          Second winningest team in football. Hmmm......I would think we had a pretty good coach. So as long as the winning trend continues, I could care less if he drafts some momo straight out of high school.


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            fools, no. thanks for the enlightenment, nobody realized this until just now when you let us all know. It is a pleasure to get this straight from someone who knows what a fool is.

            No bloody wonder some people on this forum get negative over time. You can't say anything or make a tiny point without someone jumping down their throat and going off in some arrogant tirade off on some tangent not even intended by the original post.
            I read this forum for many weeks before I even decided to make a post and now I am sorry I have even done that. I thought highly of Broncos fans in general but this message board is making a liar out of my impressions. This is truly sad.


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              Apples. You just have to choose who you listen to and who to ignore. You just learn to ignore the ones that can't take an opposing view. Those are the type of fans that just think anything negative makes you some kind of lesser fan. Every team has them.

              its easier to scroll past their posts than it is to reply to every one that posts the ignorance


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                Advice taken. Thanks


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                  No problem


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                    Wow....You two missed the point of my post entirely.

                    And you are talking about why people get negative on this board so often? ITS BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU! You are a pompous ******* to the nth degree, take your 37 years of Bronco-fandom and shove them right up your ass.

                    I apologize for any comments that might seem "offensive" to you, but you sir, are an asshat, and I don't like you.


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                      thats really not necessarry at all. I don't agree with alot of Apple's opinions on the drafts but he is entitled to that opinion. I can see how you might think that our drafts have not been fantastic. I'd agree with Ravage in saying that the idea of Mike as a draft genius really has to do with picking late round gems and not overall drafting. I would agree with you that he is not a draft genius but he does do a pretty good job. The draft is only one of the ways you go about building a championship team. I also agree with Ravage that you shouldn't take everyone on this board to seriously. Some you read and some you just have to scroll past.
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                        Sorry, but I am most irritated by the manner in which road_apples went about his disagreement.

                        Do I think of Shanahan as a drafting genious? Who cares. All I care about is winning.


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                          Ladies Ladies all sound like a bunch of whiners. Road Apples put up a post and I disareed with it. I didn't call him names I pointed out using the Patriots draft that ANY team and I would bet most teams draft does not look too well at times.

                          The tag of Genius for Shanahan at the draft table comes from where? Look Shanhan is not a scout he's not out there see these kids play all he's doing is looking at some tape. That's why you have a scouting staff. Shanahan has done well in turning up some late round gems and that's probably where the rep comes from. But it does fall back on the scouts who are evaluating the players.

                          Bottom line is that the team wins. If the team wasn't winning then you'd look at the draft and point to that. But the team is competative and near the top. The Patriots that I used as an example was becasue they have won the last 2 of 3 superbowls. I bet you don't hear their fans crying about the draft. But I'll bet my left nut that Charger fans at *****ing about their drafts. It's all about perspective on how your team is doing.


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                            Originally posted by Interpol
                            Sorry, but I am most irritated by the manner in which road_apples went about his disagreement.

                            Do I think of Shanahan as a drafting genious? Who cares. All I care about is winning.
                            Your kidding, right? The way he went about his disagreement? Agree with him or not, he has shown nothing but temperment and class in the way he went about his disagreement!

                            He writes a well reasoned, well prepared post that expresses his view on Shanahan. Even goes through the trouble of posting all of the Broncos' picks instead of saying "Denver has sucked at drafting the last 5 years."

                            Then he gets attacked by idiots calling him names and making insane points like "Shanahan won a Superbowl, nothing else matters."

                            Does he come back with name calling? Nope, he further reasons his point and defends his position and, for the most part, ignores all of the unjustified insults thrown his way. All he has done is disagree with popular opinion. Man, if only this was America and that kind of action was acceptable...

                            To the actual topic: I think Shanahan is an above-average drafter who had a more success at the start of his Bronco career in terms of late-round gems then he has had over the last few seasons. Still, if you find a couple of winners each year I think you are doing a pretty good job overall.


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                              I believe that....

                              Shanahan has outstanding skills for selecting RBs and LBs in the draft and a less than stellar record in slecting WRs and and CBs in the draft. I believe this whole subject is very subjective, almost anyone can take football facts and twist them so they support your point of view. Its called spinning, and everybody does these days. I know one thing for sure, Shanahan has been nothing but great for the Bronco organization and we would be hard pressed to try and replace him.
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                                Re: I believe that....

                                Originally posted by EPBroncFan
                                I know one thing for sure, Shanahan has been nothing but great for the Bronco organization and we would be hard pressed to try and replace him.
                                Amen to that.