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Atwater, Braxton, Crockett!

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  • Atwater, Braxton, Crockett!

    I think that these guys deserve props. They played hard and tough. These guys are all old school.

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    with you

    all three were players who played smart, hard and passionate ball. they played at the highest levels when it meant the most. for a guy like tyrone a 12th round draft pick with limited size to play two positions so hard after injury also is remarkable. crock knew how to cover and never ducked contact and proved to be a great f.a pick-up. as for the main man atwater he stands for everything bronco ball should be, excitement, contact, leadership and desire. steve should go to the hall one day.


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      Yeah, that's back when our D-backs were solid all the way around. It hasn't been like that for awhile but it looks like we'll have that back this year!


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        Yeah, hopefully with the addiction of Lynch and Bailey, and already having Kennedy the secondary will have some veteran hard hitting D backs. I think that the secondary will definately have a big inpact on the Broncos season.
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          As the final chapter in the 2003 Bronco's season told us, those who bring no defense go home early. Which is not to say that the defense was terrible, but a certain area that starts with an "S" and ends with "econdary" proved that there were problems to be worked out. After the 41-10 beating, I think many realized that in order to regain powerhouse status, the Broncos must first make sure all areas were running at full power.

          This is the exact reason Lynch and Bailey were brought in; never mind Portis...we can always get a new RB. They're easier to come by than quality players, as Lynch and Bailey are. With O'Neal sent packing, we're getting closer and closer to having a real secondary.

          If any of these three players (Atwater, Crockett, or Braxton) were hired as a secondary coach of some sort, they could also help develop this secondary into one of the greatest in the league...