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Snow and sub zero temperatures for the KC game

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    Originally posted by KristenK View Post
    The Chiefs looked incredibly intimidated by the sort of snowy conditions and sort of NFL caliber Broncos team today. And Drew Lock is the biggest bust since... Paxton Lynch.
    I hope QB help in the near future.we are screwed.
    I miss real Bronco football


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      Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post

      Yep, the Chinook winds blow off the mountains and it changes everything. We don't get Chinooks as powerful as we did when I was a kid anymore. But I can remember one time (probably 25 years ago) where it was in the -20's (just below zero Fahrenheit) all day, the Chinook winds started blowing around 7pm, and it was 10 degrees (50 Fahrenheit) by 11pm, and then by the next morning the weather pattern had changed and it was back in the -20's.
      30 years ago I remember digging my car out - go to work and have steam come of the asphalt mid day and drive home in a snowstorm.
      Another day we landed from a trip to California leaving 85F, landing in Denver in 20F adn snow and having 70F the next day.
      Colorado has the most fantastic winther weather