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Offensive line in super bowl 12

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  • Offensive line in super bowl 12

    This game was way before my time but has anyone watched this game and asked themselves did they ever see any o line anywhere get so dominated and how the heck did they beat the steelers and raiders in the playoffs , i know they’re against the doomsday defense but still i don’t think i’ve ever seen an o line look so virtually non existent .
    It's a tribute i guess to how good the orange crush d was , do you think the 77 defense was actually better in relative terms than the 2015 d , just curious on both fronts , thanks .

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    That game was insane -- eight turnovers in the first half , four forced by each team!

    That was a different paradigm of football under a very different set of rules. It's difficult to compare units because the '77 Orange Crush would be continuously flagged in today's game for playing so smashmouth. That said I love what we had in '15 --after all, they won!

    Superbowl 50 MVP Von Miller on February 7th, 2016


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      this is a youtube post from the steelers at broncos christmas eve 1977

      jack brandt3 weeks ago
      I remember watching this game as a kid, the whole day was special. It was Christmas Eve, and we had just watched the 2OT classic between Oakland and Baltimore on a dirt field. Denver had never hosted a playoff game, and Mile High was electric. The Steelers had been at the top of the NFL food chain for a while, so the atmosphere was something else. It was now dark and cold in the east, as we built a fire and had dinner with the whole family watching the first half from the dining room table, and then converging to the living room for the second half as we were all stuffed from Turkey and gnocchi, the adults having their coffee or cocktails, the kids our hot chocolate with marshmallows, the Christmas tree shining in full regalia, the fire burning away, and us watching the Broncos eventually defeat the Steelers for their very first playoff win in front of 80,000 lunatics in Mile High while nightfall slowly took over afternoon in Denver, all from a RCA color TV with a curved screen. And oh yeah, not a single cell phone to be had, and not a single text delivered or received, as it would be another generation before those things were even brought into the American consciousness. Those were good days to be a kid.

      cell phones and the internet , makes you wonder sometimes are we really better off


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        Left tackle Andy Maurer was exposed as being a "beefed up guard" playing tackle, left guard Tom Glassic had been sick and had lost a lot of weight, the game was on the road not in Denver, and the Cowboys knew Craig Morton like the back of their hand since he had played for them. They just overloaded the offensive line and kept up tremendous pressure and eventually it collapsed. I never could understand why they didn't put Morton in the shotgun to try to buy him some more time in the pocket.

        The one bright spot was tight end Riley Odoms who did so well blocking that they used film of him to train players in the next few years, but he was only one man!