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name your worst/best on field broncos memory

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  • name your worst/best on field broncos memory

    my least favorite memory has to be the xxii superbowl
    my cousin is a redskins fan and i never live this one down

    best was beating the falcons in sb xxxiii
    watching elway beat dan was great
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    Worst- Superbowl XII
    our first SB, lost to the Cowboys. Oh...that hurt.

    Best- 1977 AFC Divisional Playoffs
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      Worst memory was Super Bowl XXIV. No need to explain.

      My best memory was Super Bowl XXXII. Elway diving into a cloud of Packers and being spun around at the goal line. Knowing after that one play we were going to win this time. You just got that feeling like this is it. My eyes get all watered up every time I see that play. Watching your childhood hero make it to the big game so many times and lose so badly. You finally get that sense of redemption.


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        Worst- I'm with ya, Superbowl XXII. After watching the Broncos go up by 10, my family and I (I was pretty young back then) were giving high fives out like candy. The rest of the game spiraled into a dark dark night...

        Best - Easy, Super bowl XXXII. After the amazing revenge tour, and watching the Broncos come in as under dogs, the game was so exciting. Not only was it the greatest game because we won, but because the Packers made it a close game. It went all the way down to the end, great game by both teams, but we came out ontop! I wil lalways remember the streets that night. Bronco fans everywhere, cops and emt's giving me high fives as we cruised down the street waving our Bronco flag. Everytime I think of it I cheese up with a real big smile
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          The best really has to be The Drive for me.On the other hand the SB loss to the Giants has to be the worst.My grandma is a huge Cowboy fan and we always watched games together.During that SB my family gave me so much grief I started crying.I was 9 years old so dont make fun of me ha ha.

          Both SB wins are close behind.Also there are so many 4th qtr comebacks that were amazing from John.The one against Houston in the playoffs and another against K.C.
          on Mon night come to mind.Both had plays to Vance.Good times.....


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            worst : 1997 loss to the jags 30-27 in the playoffs best : 1998 S.B. 32 hoisting the lambardi trophy


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              The worst: Super Bowl XXII- going up 10-0 and then everything just falling apart.

              The best: Winning Super Bowl XXXII (doing it the hard way)- winning @ KC 14-10, winning @ PIT 24-21, and beating the defending champion Packers 31-24 while being double digit underdogs.
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                The Best for me is a tie between The Drive and Elway's helicopter TD against the Packers in the SB. The helicopter TD probably wins.

                The Worst for me was when TD got his career-ending injury when he made that tackle after Greise threw that interception. I don't know why, but watching Davis' leg bend in ways that human legs never should on the slow motion replays. I just knew that he'd never play again. And I'm usually very optimistic about stuff. But I somehow knew that I'd just witnessed the end of a fantastic career; it was heartbreaking. I'm still not sure I'm completely over it.


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                  Haven't been around that long(I'm 18)...

                  Best moment:
                  Superbowl XXXIII(Don't really remember XXXII, however, I do have it on tape)...

                  Worst moment:
                  Seeing TD having his season ending injury in '99... Damn.