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What's gonna happen at the safety positions?

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    KENNEDY MUST START. How can you bench a player who when he is still playing shi* he has players worried about going across the middle, Let's ask Reggie Wayne who he would prefer to play the saftey position for us. I bet he says on any given day he would rather see Kennedy on the sideline than blasting his sorry a**.
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      i dont think that kennedy will be cut starting though i am not sure of... but with the addition of champ and lynch all aspects of his game will improve...
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        Originally posted by bleedbluorange
        Despite Kenoys problems he blasts people and i think his big hits set the tone for the rest of the game. Remember the hit in indy last year.
        Do you remember the RESULT in Indy last year??? 41-10

        Lynch at SS and Ferguson at FS, all the way
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          Originally posted by IrishBroncofan
          Do you remember the RESULT in Indy last year??? 41-10

          Lynch at SS and Ferguson at FS, all the way
          Oh may bad, I didn't know that Noy was the only one playing on D that day, he gave up all those points himself. It was all his fault

          It's funny how the coaches say he's a good defender then the backseat drivers says he's not. Kenoy had to help out at so many other positions last year with the newer people on the field. With Lynch and Champ, he be much more stable and can focus on HIS position more. Champ and Lynch will only make him better.

          I'll put money on that.
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            the coaches are confident enough in Kennoy for Ted S to say that he and Lynch are the starters at safety going into training camp. I like the idea of two massive hitters at the safeties. Both can cover well and I think it makes going over the middle a very unpopular play call in the huddle. I mean this limits the size of the field the D has to work with yet again... you've got Champ locking down one side.. those two monsters locking down the middle so we can roll coverage to help out Lennie "the Big Swat" Walls. There are going to be a lot of coverage sacks this year.
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              I love the way Kennoy hits, but if his lack of productivity is due to having to worry about other people's assignments, how come Nick was able to produce? I still say Nick starts over Kennoy. Look at it this way, Kennoy can sit back, be a starter-caliber replacement, and play on (and vastly improve our) special teams unit. If the coaching staff is sooo high on him then he'll be around after next year, if not, see ya. Nuff said.


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                Oh i forgot...

                ...also Kennoy misses too many tackles. I watched him and the secondary specifically last year and too many times he squared up in the hole and just missed. And as hard as he hits, I say Nick hits just as hard. How do you get the nickname Train Wreck unless you can mess people up. Anyone remember that hit he laid on Reimersma (sp?) the TE for Pittsburgh last year? THAT was a touchdown, but Fergy hit him so hard he ended up in the field goal net (practically). I agree w/ whoever said it, Nick's the better complete player.


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                  Did Kenoy not produce last year? If he didn't , I think he would have been on the bench. Kenoy misses too many tackles? Oops. If there is one thing that he can do well is tackle. He rarely let's go of people when he gets a hold of them.
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                    Nick over Kennoy

                    I agree with those that think Nick is the pick for one starting S spot. As much as I hate to admit it because I'm a huge Kennoy fan, but for all the train wreck hits he lays on people, which I love, he doesn't seem to be nearly as disruptive as he should be. Honestly, he doesn't make a lot of plays. I think I've fell in love with him because he carries the Denver tradition of having a knock out guy in the S position (Smith, Atwater) but when you look at his actual production, it just doesn't add up, in my opinion.

                    I'd expect someone with his power and ability to lay the wood to be far more disruptive. Safety blitzed, stopping RB's in the backfield or right in the hole, causes turnover in the secondary, things of this nature, but I don't see it. Yeah, on occassion he seperates a WR from a ball, but not enough.

                    I think Nick is a better all-around player. I vote for Nick.


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                      Nick and John with Kennedy spelling either of them depending on the situation.
                      Having Lynch on board gives alot of fexlibilty. He will teach the pups the way to play the game.

                      Don't forget we have Willy Middlbroke, He played at safety last year also. Since he can't cover a speedy wr maybe he can cover slower back or TE.

                      What happens when Kennedys contract is up will be determined on how he plays this year.


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                        Yes actually, Kennoy DID NOT produce last year, the only reason he was starting is because we didn't have any viable back-ups. And you say he tackles well? And just like that I'm supposed to believe you? He HITS well, he MISSES tackles (does he all the time? No, what I was saying is that he misses tackles more than Nick), and I trust my own two eyes over the length of 12 regular season games (sans the 4 he missed w/ ankle sprain) over what you just want to state as fact. Buddy, the mere fact that your name is KNoy Kills or whatever the hell means that you must be a big fan of his, and anything that I say about him that's negative you will be angered by. Sorry, but he has not produced like a second rounder should. 1 turnover in over two years is unacceptable.


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                          You don't have to tell me what my name is cause I already know what it is. Duh.

                          I really ain't tripping on what you said because, the coaches know the deal cause they watch the tapes more often than we ever will. He can't help it if the opposing teams don't throw the ball his way. He can't run up to the opposing team and say "Hey throw me the ball my way so people would get off my ass." Kenoy has respect from the other teams so they avoid throwing his way when they can. Teams are willing to throw Ferguson's Ferguson's way more often because he doesn't have the same rep. So yea he's going to have more pd's and probaly INts. That just happens. Now if the D this year makes where they force teams to throw Noy's way, which they will because of Bailey, Walls andLynch. Then yea, STAT WISE he will be better.

                          Be more observant(and I don't mean clicking on the link and looking at the stats) of the game and you would know that. If you knew sports you would know that some of the best and most important stats are the ones that don't show up on the sports page or book, which is what alot of you people are relying on.

                          Ferguson great and so is Noy I'm glad we can both have them. IT's smart to have both of them.

                          And that is the truth.

                          Damn I can't wait until the season starts.
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                            I dont agree with everyone about kennedy not producing. The success of the D last year says that he did a decent job. The whole team has shortcomings in the turn over department. That being said Nick is better than Kenoy.Kenoy and Lynch should battle for the other spot. Lynch has the advantage with experience. The one that lines up on Baileys side will have a huge year playing the run. Lynch neck may not hold up from all the big hits stopping the run.


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                              I still feel that Kenoy and John are the same player minus individual character. Perhaps, we brought John in to try and help teach Kennedy how to become a better football player. There are certainly intangibles that Kenoy can pick up on that will make him improved. I didnt know this was his last year of contract, it certainly makes sense that this is a make or break year for Kenoy in terms of a long-term contract from Denver then. I think bringing in Lynch is at least Denver's way of putting him in the best situation possible to succeed. I do know that John Lynch is a picture perfect tackler and Kennedy is not so it does make sense.


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                                Nick Ferguson is the better player.

                                Pretty much the same speed as Kenoy; gets to top speed quickly, and hits hard almost every time he makes a tackle.

                                Kenoy, while a good tackler and has better coverage skills then most of you say (but it's still mediocre) is too inconsistent. I think his problem is that he's on the lookout for that huge hit on most plays instead of just going for the tackle (a reason for missed tackles). I believe that, in the way Bailey will uplift the CBs, Lynch will help improve the safeties by being a mentor.

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