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What's gonna happen at the safety positions?

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    if we want to get the best players on the field we should try to sign a beast d-linemen after june 1 cuts or use are own big DT (Brandon Kennedy, Dorsett Davis, Luther Elliss, Fata, Darius Holland, Pope) and have big swat/herndon and champ at the corners. Pierce and Wilson in the middle Williams and (assuming no mobley) LYNCH (he needs to gain like 10-15 pounds) and Ferguson and Kennedy at Safeties. oh yeah and Pryce and Hayward at DE's


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      I actually like the idea of going to a 3-4 defense. I think it fits our personnel much better then a base 4-3 mainly due to our abundance of LBs and lack of stellar DTs. I would certainly entertain this idea if I was the coach.


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        helllll no does kennoy start... i've watched for two years the same thing about him, he delivers big hits, but besides the hits he gives up big plays. i don't care if he can hit andre the giant off his feet, its no good if he can't keep up to cover a receiver! if anybody watched the games last year when ferguson came in he played like a man possessed, he brought so much energy and emotion to the game, he probably hits better than kennoy for his size. HANDS DOWN ferguson starts and lynch is the SS. i promise if our other corner was just a little better we would have the best secondary in the nfl. big swat or whatever you guys call him and kelly herndon are not starting corners, we need to address that situation fast but other than thant the other three starters, ferguson, lynch, walls we are looking pimpin

        Kennoy sits on the bench and makes it nice and warm for Ferguson


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          Originally posted by K'Noy_Kills
          You don't have to tell me what my name is cause I already know what it is. Duh.

          I really ain't tripping on what you said because, the coaches know the deal cause they watch the tapes more often than we ever will. He can't help it if the opposing teams don't throw the ball his way. He can't run up to the opposing team and say "Hey throw me the ball my way so people would get off my ass." Kenoy has respect from the other teams so they avoid throwing his way when they can. Teams are willing to throw Ferguson's Ferguson's way more often because he doesn't have the same rep. So yea he's going to have more pd's and probaly INts. That just happens. Now if the D this year makes where they force teams to throw Noy's way, which they will because of Bailey, Walls andLynch. Then yea, STAT WISE he will be better.

          Be more observant(and I don't mean clicking on the link and looking at the stats) of the game and you would know that. If you knew sports you would know that some of the best and most important stats are the ones that don't show up on the sports page or book, which is what alot of you people are relying on.

          Ferguson great and so is Noy I'm glad we can both have them. IT's smart to have both of them.

          And that is the truth.

          Damn I can't wait until the season starts.

          You are being biased....Ferguson is the better player, Kennoy is the better hitter....

          I will take the player any day of the week.


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            Kennoy will see plenty of action this season... for us to think we will only see two safties all season is crazy... In my opinion we have three players that can hit like a ton of bricks... Did anyone really think why Denver wanted Lynch so bad... Leadership... Lynch will make Kennoy a better player. Lynch won't be here forever and when he is gone Kennoy will be made of the same mold.... As for Nick he is a mad man and a complete player.... Between the three players and only two spots.... we will see great things.


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              Originally posted by BroncoStud102
              You are being biased....Ferguson is the better player, Kennoy is the better hitter....

              I will take the player any day of the week.
              I think that Denver can learn a lesson from Philly. You get great safeties, anything is possible.

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                KK-there is no way in hell that Kennoy has developed enough of a "reputation" that instills fear into quarterbacks about throwing his way. Champ, yes, Kennoy, very resounding No. The receiver the QB is THROWING to may not like his decision, but Kennoy hasn't done one thing that shows opposing QB's to throw the other way. And be more observant???! I think it is you that needs to sit down and concentrate maybe while watching games, I think you're trying too hard to fluff up Kennoy's reputation. Like I said before, the guy is a good hitter and a hard worker, but please, Kennoy is not and WILL not be considered a top cover safety in the league. If there is one safety "position" that suits him best it's Strong Safety, where he's allowed to play more up in the box and his coverage duties are cut somewhat. He can hit, so can Lynch. Lynch has way more experience, Nick is a better all around player than Kennoy, thus, Nick and John start. And please don't try and implicate that I don't know what I'm talking about, I watch every Denver game (and recorded each one last season so I could review them and make EDUCATED STATEMENTS) and it doesn't take a genius to see that Kennedy's weakest attribute is his pass coverage (even though like someone earlier stated he's not bad at it, but Nick is definately better). But I doubt any of this reasoning will convince you so, GO KENNEDY!! HE ROCKS THE HARDEST OF THE HARD!!
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                  Originally posted by Mr. Chaz

                  ......that's gonna leave a mark.......
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                    The game in indy in week 16 last year........he laid out Reggie Wayne then for the whole game matched it toe to toe with Marvin Harrison.....Ferguson plays well but Kennedy should beat him to the spot if the coaches have any brains.
                    2 parts of the #1 defence in the NFL !!!


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                      Originally posted by kenoyripsit28
                      The game in indy in week 16 last year........he laid out Reggie Wayne then for the whole game matched it toe to toe with Marvin Harrison.....Ferguson plays well but Kennedy should beat him to the spot if the coaches have any brains.
                      Did you happen to catch the playoff loss that Kennedy started in? If you did, then you saw missed tackles and a liability in coverage which is basically the norm for this guy. Just because he hits hard does not make him a great player by any means.

                      Secondly, he didn't match anything toe to toe with Harrison, A) because he's not even remotely fast or fluid enough to man up on Marvin, and B) because Ferguson was our cover safety, not Kennedy. All Kennedy does is play center field and hit someone or creep up in the box against the run and make a mistackle.

                      This fella was a high second round choice and he has all the skills to be an All-Pro at safety. So far, he has underperformed and seems to focus on just hitting people instead of improving his all around game. He is a liability in pass coverage anytime he actually has to cover. He also has poor tackling form and doesn't wrap up properly. Of course, being an armchair coach, I'm sounding like learning such skills are simple and easy, they are not, but for a second round pick this late in development, he should be further along. I wouldn't call him a bust, but he is a dissapointment.


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                        Originally posted by K'Noy_Kills
                        Oh may bad, I didn't know that Noy was the only one playing on D that day, he gave up all those points himself. It was all his fault

                        It's funny how the coaches say he's a good defender then the backseat drivers says he's not. Kenoy had to help out at so many other positions last year with the newer people on the field. With Lynch and Champ, he be much more stable and can focus on HIS position more. Champ and Lynch will only make him better.

                        I'll put money on that.
                        When did I say Kennedy was the only one on D that day? Where did you see that cos you'll have to point it out for the rest of us.

                        If you'd interpruted my post properly instead of letting your bias do the talking you'd have seen that I was implying that big hits were NO GOOD to us in Indy last year. We needed at least 1 safety who can play well in pass coverage and for next season thats Nick Ferguson for us. And Lynch should get the other spot cos he's just plain better then Kennedy (but not by a whole lot)
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                          Originally posted by rcsodak

                          ......that's gonna leave a mark.......
                          On who, me?

                          I've heard worse. I'm not gonna let a guy named Chaz leave a mark on me.
                          Take care of business Broncos.


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                            hahaha, what the hell does my name have anything to do with it?
                            And what the hell is wrong with Chaz? I guess I'm just not as cool as you, K'Noy_Kills, it's a shame we can't all come up with such SWEET screen names. Peace.


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                              You're all wrong! Jarious is gonna be starting FS, and it'll be SS by committee.


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                                Re: Oh i forgot...

                                Originally posted by Mr. Chaz
                                Anyone remember that hit he laid on Reimersma (sp?) the TE for Pittsburgh last year? THAT was a touchdown, but Fergy hit him so hard he ended up in the field goal net (practically). I agree w/ whoever said it, Nick's the better complete player.
                                Are you sure it wasn't Herndon? (Reimersma hit..)

                                Originally posted by boltzpride619
                                What's so funny is seeing all this mess that the Donks and the fans have placed on themselves. Can you say Raiders.

                                Originally posted by RunByDesign
                                True comedy is observing the Self Imploding Organization that is the Raiders and then asking yourself this question:

                                What separates them (Raiders) from us (Chargers)

                                Answer: Championships.