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What's gonna happen at the safety positions?

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    Re: When the Dust Settles...

    Originally posted by Black59Razor
    Nick Ferguson will be the FS, and John Lynch the SS if he is healthy...Kenoy will go to camp, but your four safeties will be Ferguson, Lynch, S Brandon and Chris Young if all remain healthy through camp.
    Well, though nobody asked for it, thanks for your diminutive opinion......

    ....and we thought you left.......
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      No I know the hit you're talking about w/ Kelly, that was badass. The one I'm talking about happened in the very back of the endzone, Reimersma was drifting right and Nick drifted right into him. They called it for helmet to helmet but it looked clean to me, his head just looked to make contact because Reimersma's jolted back so violently, but I didn't think they touched. Anyway, it saved a touchdown.