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Interesting Article on "THE KING" (Elway)

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  • Interesting Article on "THE KING" (Elway)

    Don't know if this was posted already. Pretty good read to get some insight on what he's gone through in the past few years. Just goes to show that even the great one's are ordinary people just like us

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    I thought it was a good read. It goes to show that our heroes are human too. They have good times and bad times. John's been through a lot in the last eight years. What a stand up guy. It's really not that often that you find an athlete of Elways' caliber that is pure class. On and off the field John Elway was and is the man.
    Rebuilding sucks.


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      Pretty cool article. Thanks.

      John's gone through a lot since he retired.


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        Thanks for the read, mate
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          Very good article. kudos for posting it.
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            Great article - thanks for posting. And yes, athletes are human, with problems - something that most fans tend to forget.

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              Great article, great reading, thanks for posting.

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                Great article. He has been through a lot since the Super Bowl wins. It all balances out in the end Huh? He went from the Highest of Highs to the lowest of lows, and kept on going. I've always wondered, even though it is none of my business, why he and Janet divorced?


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                  Thanks for posting this article!


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                    Pretty cool article, thanks flosstein.

                    He even admitted to being not that good a father, and trying to make up for it. Lot's of career-successful people would never admit to that; it shows some humility.

                    The thing I didn't know about was that he also led the league in ... getting sacked! lol, it's like that old inflatable standing toy punching bag, with the water in the bottom, with Rocky(Stallone) pictured on it. You can't keep Rocky down.


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                      Excellent post thanks


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                        You are most welcome to all who enjoyed the read. I also enjoy all the good articles that others post.


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                          Great article, thanks.