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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post

    That sounds like Gus Malzahn's offense at Auburn.
    I'm not familiar with it, so I read an article (kinda) describing it and it doesn't sound too far off. I'm assuming that a lot of NFL players have been playing since they were kids so in that particular situation that the Broncos were in on Sunday a little kid Offense would have worked about as well as anything else we could have tried. I do remember that my daughter's team could run inside/outside/left/right at any time from what was basically the same formation. The opposing Defense couldn't outman (or outgirl) us at any point along the LOS and. for the most part, if they tried we were able to punish them for it. And it was really easy to get someone open for a pass while the D tried to cover everything at once. I have no idea if it would work at the pro level but what we did do didn't work for crap, so why not?
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