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Are the Broncos out of shape?

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    Originally posted by topscribe
    This last year, I don't believe Warren was capable of a whole lot of that, with his toe
    problem. However, I am not so incredulous at the charge of laziness, although I'm
    not so sure it involves the mentioned players. After all, D-Will was very verbose
    about the same issue, as was Rod Smith on occasion. If there is laziness on the
    team, then it's about time to get rid of the deadwood, wouldn't you say?

    Maybe Jim Bates can slap some sense into the defense and get them more motivated and energetic.

    Pryce didn't like Coyer's schemes, and I doubt he's alone in his opinion.

    People have some motivation from D-will's tragic death. Maybe it can carry them.

    Motivation can carry a lot of things, look at the Saints for example.

    As for Warren, maybe he was incapable, maybe he wasn't. He'll get a chance to prove everyone otherwise this season. The jury is still out on him, for me.

    All I'm saying is, Myers was not lazy.

    Poor talent maybe... but not lazy.

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      Everyone must understand that each position determines how much running a player gets in during a practice. Dlinemen aren't designed for sprinting over long distances like RBs, DBs, and WRs. They focus more on short 10-20 yrd sprints to represent chasing down a QB or RB. They also focus more on weight training designed to take on the larger Olinmen.

      I watched a report on Lynch last offseason where he went through one of his workouts which I believe was with his former high school and his workouts involved lots of wind sprints, running bleachers, cardio pumps with weights, etc. These types of workouts he said were designed for skilled players such as RBs, DBs, RBs, etc. not linemen. Great pass rushers like Freeney, Kearse, Kearney, etc. are few, because they are athletic.

      When these DLinemen are contiously sprinting down after down, it will where you down as the season goes along, because of the more time they need to mentally prepare for a game, versus physically preparing. All players are physically better at the beginning of the season rather than down the stretch.

      It all goes back to a question I asked earlier this year, "Does the team look hungry enough to want this year?"

      But, that is where personal time becomes a factor, Deion Sanders once said that he would spend one extra hour a day to prepare for certain players. If he was guarding someone with speed , he would focus on speed drills, if he was guarding a much larger player, then he would focus on weight training. This is the same type of workout that Champ uses also.

      A player can spend lots of extra time working out, but one of the most important factors is recovery. If a player doesn't spend proper time recovering, his body has less chance of functioning at its full capability.
      So you see, there are a lot factors involved with player performance.
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        well i hope bates lights a fire. coyer was very melon collie at times and i didnt like it. he would play very conservative at times yet our defense still was tired. i think coyer was a big reason to why our d fell apart and good to see that shanny reconized this.

        but am i missing something here??? did anyone else notice this? at times it didnt just seem like it was the scheme. there were plenty of times when the guys hands were on their waste and they were gasping (mike bell) for air while motioning for the oxygen tank.

        LJ and LT were used basically the whole year and never seemed to get winded like M Bell did. rookie or not its still the nfl and the trainers have to do a better job keeping these guys fit and in shape. bush never got tired, yet he's a rookie.


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          Originally posted by DenBronx
          I have been noticing this the past couple of years, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Several players seem to be gasping for air even before the middle of the secong quarter. We get these huge leads all the time only to throw them away. The Chargers can tell you that. I think 3 out of the 4 streak losses this year, we were up heading into the fourth quarter.

          Now how can this be because they live, train and play in mile high all the time? Well my answer would be that the coaches are not putting enough pressure in training camp and in the weight room to make sure these guys have the endurance come game time. I dont think they mean to give up or have a "hang on to the lead" mentality but they basically seem out of shape at times. Cardio needs to be a priority come camp time.

          Another suggestion is to cut players that even seem lazy. Foster, Brown, and Myers all seem very lazy to me. That itself can be a cancer in the locker room. So many times we think a cancer can be a character issure or attitude problem but a lack of dedication and hard work is one of the most lethal cancers that a locker room could get. It seems to be building every year so we need to cut all players that are lazy, out of shape and lack the drive to be successful.

          We need players that can play all 4 quarters and not give up....EVER!
          Im glad you posted this because i have been thinking this for a while DenBronx,I agree with you