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Best fantasy game ever was by a Bronco

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  • Best fantasy game ever was by a Bronco

    So if you playing fantasy football this is the week of your championship. If you have Kamara he had a week that is probably going to win you the matchup assuming the rest of your team shows up.

    When researching if this was the best fantasy week ever I came across this article. They have games listed way back....they list Bob Haynes in 1970 as the 10th best WR game all time. Kamara's week was pretty huge....but it was only 2nd best all time.

    the best fantasy game all time was Clinton Portis for the Broncos on 12/7/2003 with 218 rushing yards and 5 rushing TDs.

    This is based on no points per receptions (PPR). Think if we added 0.5 PPR Jerry Rice's game on 12/14/1990 would push past Portis by just under 1 point.

    Mike Anderson is 6th on the RB list.
    McManus game this year is tied with 4 others as 10th best for kicker
    Sharpe has the 5th and 6th best games all time for TE
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play

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    Pretty sweet info here good post. Made it to the fantasy championship but most likely taking the loss. Winning $75 on a loss really is a win though.
    "Dwight Howard On The Post Dog!!"