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2015 AFC Title Game in Foxboro Instead of Denver

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  • 2015 AFC Title Game in Foxboro Instead of Denver

    Do we still win that game and the SB? Or, does having no crowd noise really damper our hopes?

    Personally, I feel that team was destined to win. They had come close in the previous years. But something bad always happened. We were due.

    Your thoughts?

    Again, home or away. We were due. Great defense always travels.
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    Nope. That was a team of destiny. Sure, there was a really great defense, but that offense was awful. You change anything in that season and we don't win it. Let's even say Manning stays healthy 100% of the season, I don't think we win it all. It was perfect in the most unlikely and incredible ways.


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      Wow we must bored all already but to answer your question I’d say no. We barely won in Denver that day, we barely won a lot of games that season even with an extremely strong defense. If not for all the rules favoring offense, we’d had dominated teams like the 2000 Baltimore ravens but But with those stupid rules we barely won a lot of games however it was a great season and fun to watch.

      Wade Phillips and Gary Kubiak made quite the coaching tandem. Thank goodness for PFM!


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        Our crowd noise mitigated Brady’s audibles and adjustments, thus letting our pass rush go savage. We would have probably lost in Foxboro.


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          I find it difficult to believe that Belichick would have lost to a crippled Manning in Foxboro.
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            There are to many variables to answer. Manning historically was horrible at Foxboro, but we were much more dominant than the end result showed. Patriots getting the ball ahead of their first score was exactly the same situation that allowed the Steelers to retain the ball in the 2011 VC game, and the last TD to Gronk should have been a PI on him for pushing Chris Harris Jr.

            If they had played the same game again in Denver it is not at all certain we would have won. That game was likely the best defensive game ever played by a Broncos team


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              Yeah that Denver defense was amazing. I will admit I gained a little bit of respect for Brady that day. To be a 2 point conversion away from tying that game is amazing. I was surprised at how he kept getting up and getting up.


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                IMO that defense wins anywhere.

                I went over half the season thinking no way a defense could carry an offense that bad. Not as bad as our offense has been the last few years but on the way there.

                Lot of people did not recognize how good the defense was until we won the SB. Some people still do not get it,

                When going over some of the interviews it was interesting to put together how Elway and Kubiak were figuring out leading up to the season how good the defense was. Also seemed Kubiak was trying to sell PM on how an opportunistic offense was all they needed and the defense could do the rest. There is a clip of Kubiak making a semi big deal of PM calling audibles to run plays in the playoffs.
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                Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play