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Watching The Human Cheat Code. DENVER Has to sell the farm.

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    Nobody is ever going to offer 5 first rounder for any player. Thats insane and would cripple a franchise. I was trying to think back about the richest trade I could recall. Hirschel Walker trade I think involved like 3 first rounders and 2 second rounders or something like that due to cut rules or something.

    Anyhow moving on. Yes the jets have tons of collateral, but think about this. Why would you want to go from one dumpster fire to another? IF Watson wants to go to the jets its because hes more interested in being on a big market team to grow his brand than he is in winning football games. The jets would have to give a ton and they already have bare cupboards so they are not gonna have a lot of picks to restock it. He's basically back in Houston but wearing green.

    Carolina - Legit. They have a solid offense that needs a better engine. McCaffrey, Anderson, DJ Moore is a great starting point.

    SF - I just cant see this happening. shanny runs soooo much. They got good WR's in Aiyuk and Samuel. The best TE in football in Kittle. It wouldn't be crazy but I just dont see him as a match there.

    Indy - I could see it. They made the playoffs. They have two good young WRs in Campbell and Pittman. Excellent young RB in Taylor and good O line. Solid D as well.

    Denver - IMHO they are the most stacked offensively of the possible suitors. Sutton, Jeudy, Hamler Fant, Patrick, Gordon, Lindsay and a upcoming O line. Solid D as well. We also have items that the texans could use that we could afford to trade. Patrick can go, we have WR depth. Lock is Still an unknown and could be added. We have draft capital as well. Give them PAtrick, Lock, our first this year and next and possibly a 2nd as well.

    Detroit - Rebuilding. No way.
    Jax - Dark horse possibility.
    Philly - Dark Horse possibility.

    People say that houston has all the leverage but thats not entirely true. Watson has now publicly stated that he wants out. They have a new GM in houston. They are not gonna want to start off with a malcontent who doesn't want to be there. Yes they could keep him and make him ride the bench or whatever like what Cini did with Carson Palmer but the new GM is gonna have a priority to get the most he can and get that headache on down the road. They can't move forward until that centerpiece is settled.


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      Watson or bust its not even a discussion no price is to high. WE WILL NOT BEAT THE CHIEFS WITH BETTER THAN AVERAGE QB PLAY! Watson gives us a chance for the rest of Mahomes career PERIOD!!!!!!!
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        Originally posted by nickmeyer View Post
        Watson or bust its not even a discussion no price is to high. WE WILL NOT BEAT THE CHIEFS WITH BETTER THAN AVERAGE QB PLAY! Watson gives us a chance for the rest of Mahomes career PERIOD!!!!!!!
        Why would he want to share a division with Kermit?
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          Originally posted by Hadez View Post

          Kelce has probably the best ability to get open that I have ever seen. He has some good physical skills but his ability to read a defense and get open is better than any TE I have seen.

          Mahomes makes really good decisions for his age...but his weapons are pretty fantastic.
          Myself I had the honor of watching Shannon Sharp, Tony Gonzales, and Antonio Gates all three had Great QB's. Sometimes Gronk came to town, Kelce has watched the greats from years past.

          Too much $$$ to sign Watson or Rogers, who would be my choice. This would be cost prohibited.

          I think drafting Mac Jones to give Lock competition and wind up with a Franchise guy. Use the $$$ to sign the talent we already have on the team.


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            I just don't get the mentality that every QB that becomes available is interested in coming here. Watson, Stafford and whoever else becomes available that is half decent will simply decline and that is fine by me. We simply have to show commitment to staff and players alike to show leadership. Yes leadership. Something we have lacked for too long. Time to stop the nonsense and commit to the winning ways we are use to. Changing everything every other season will keep us at the bottom of the league.