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AJ Bouye released

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    as expected any one that did not release him was making a huge mistake
    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait


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      I am not down on all the moves we've made in previous offseasons, ESPECIALLY in the Manning days....but it does make me more careful in jumping on board when both Bouye and possibly Casey have gone from great signings to something less positive. I for one thought those were going to be much better acquisitions than what we have experienced. Injuries never help either.

      But it is a reason not to be too excited about offseason maneuvers until they play a year or two. Now, in the case of a quality QB, I'll take my chances, if we negotiate a fair deal. But even so, caution is a good idea, when it comes to some players. Yes, sometimes you have to take a bit of a leap, if you believe in what you are doing, and if it fits your plan. Stafford is my example of a QB move that needs some caution. Big time price, lost first rounders again (for LA), and a player who is not that young....possibly even an injury risk. But we might have an answer as to the effectiveness of the trade if he takes The Rams deep.


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        His suspension made him a free agent and cost him a lot of money imo
        Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play