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Can somebody explain to me Shurmur's greatness?

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    Originally posted by Butler By'Note View Post

    The single most overrated coach on these boards. Everyone talks about his genius, and what a great coach he is, and how Denver screwed up by not hiring him, but his team has been poor in 3 of his 4 seasons as a Head Coach. And the majority of his years as an OC weren't good either. And yes 2019 the 49ers had a great year and went to the Super Bowl (would have won if he remembered who his team was when calling plays late) but that looks like the outlier in his career. If you add 2017, 2018 and 2020 up, the 49ers record is the same as the Broncos.

    If he had been hired by the Broncos and had the exact same results, Broncos fans would be calling for him to be fired. Actually they would have demanded he was fired after year 2, when his record was 1 game worse than Vance Joseph. And of course they'd have claimed Elway only hired him because of his last name. Which is funny because most of the fans clamouring for him are only doing so because of his last name. If he were Kyle Smith, no one would care about him.
    Kyle is better than Shurmur

    Just as many AP awards.

    Super Bowl as OC

    Super Bowl as HC

    Shurmur's offenses have been horrible at turnovers and INTs for the most part. Shurmur has ZERO success as a head coach (19-46). Does he have any playoff success on his credentials as OC? We know he is a continuous loser as HC.

    I really do not understand why Shurmur keeps getting jobs. Maybe he could hold water as a position coach but as a OC/HC idea. Least Kyle has some playoff success to his resume.
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play