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    Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan

    2) Todd Steusie as the RT, who was an All-Pro as a LT.

    The Bucs are stacked on the O-line with plenty of depth.

    According to the St. Petersburg Times, Alstott has been medically cleared to resume playing football after offseason surgery to repair a herniated disc in his neck. "I've just gotten good reports," coach Jon Gruden said. "That's all I can go by, what the doctors say and what he says. He's been in there every day early in the morning. He looks great, feels great and has been cleared to play."
    (Updated 04/01/2004).

    For one thing, Steussie is not the player he once was. He was Constantly burned last year......the main reason he was let go....not to mention the fact that he's getting paid about a billion dollars. Definitely not a strength.

    Alstott is 100% healthy. Completely medically cleared.
    And having had the kind of surgery Alstott has had........he will NEVER be 100%........don't be foolish to think otherwise.
    Being "medically cleared" does NOT intimate 100% healthy. Plain and simple FACTOID!
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