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  • Originally posted by Megalodon30 View Post
    Teddy gets a one year deal in Miami. I have nothing against the guy personally, he handled himself well while here, got beat up bad last year with a HC that didn’t exactly seem to care about his health. Aside from his on-field performance, he’s exactly what you’d want your QB to be.

    But based on his on-field performance, I’m glad he won’t be back next year. Best of luck with the Dolphins, Teddy.
    Good luck to him, but given that Teddy played the best football by a Broncos QB since 2017, I have a hard tme understanding the negative comments about him. Compare Teddy and Drew - wow thank you Teddy for making the Broncos somehow relevant!

    The trade for Wilson, sure changes the outlook!


    • You can say what you want about Teddy as a player but he was a great leader and a huge locker room presence a great leader to the young players while he was here. I wish Teddy the best of luck.