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    honestly i see Meinerz and Muti being the only back up on the interior. i doubt we keep Schlotman. Anderson may be the Primay Tackle back up. Risner probably i would see it more Likely we keep a 4th then a 3 guy on the interior but people generally keep 8 oline so that would probably Schlotman off the final cut.
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      Originally posted by Hadez View Post

      I only knew about his senior bowl stuff until the last couple days. You know way more than me on just about everything football so it feels odd suggesting something but I feel I am doing you a favor by suggesting you look into this kid. From playing through injury, his raw work outs, teaching himself to play center....he really impresses me with his ability and desire to get it done with whatever her has available to him. It will be interesting to see what he does with Munchak and all the resources the Broncos make available to him.

      That drive and resourcefulness was seen at the Senior Bowl and imo gives him a good chance at being an impact player in the NFL.
      Thanks, man. I've noticed. Meinerz seems similar to Muti. Looking forward to the day they are on the line together.
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