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Do you think the 1999 Broncos could have three peated if Elway came back?

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    Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
    Team blew the 3 peat losing to Jacksonville in 96. IMO that team was the best that never won.
    Losing to the Jags in '96 served as wake-up call and as a blessing in disguise.

    '96 was the Packers year and there was no stopping them so facing them that year would've just added to all our other embarrassing historic Super Bowl losses.

    Losing to the Jags put us in the right mind-frame for the '97 season that we didn't have. '97 & '98 were our year...and possibly '99 had Elway returned.

    Our '99 team (with Elway) was coming back even stronger than the '97 & '98 teams but without Elway our '99 squad was just another team.
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      Greatest show on turf was the 2000 team, right? Rams vs TN. I dunno...


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        Originally posted by Joshua2585 View Post
        Greatest show on turf was the 2000 team, right? Rams vs TN. I dunno...

        Originally posted by Mel B. View Post
        Definitely would have 3-peated if Elway's knees had allowed him to come back for 1 more season and we didn't suffer any major injuries.

        We would've beaten "The Greatest Show On Turf" (St. Louis Rams) in similar fashion as we did "The Dirty Birds" (Atlanta Falcons).

        Our defense would have been just as good as the Titans D and our 'pick your poison' offense was way more potent then what the Titans had to offer.

        Just my thought!


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          1. Sharpe would have stayed
          2. Davis got injured on a Griese interception
          3. They should have won in 1996, as well.


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            If Elway stays healthy yes, there is a legit shot. I remember Elway crying during his retirement presser as he admitted to the world he could not do it physically anymore.
            Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play