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How do you get your Broncos news?

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  • How do you get your Broncos news?

    I was just curious how do people get their Bronco news. I have many youtube channels, yahoo, and these forums.

    The one single source I would suggest the most is Broncos Country Tonight on youtube. They have two main people on there. Ryan Edwards seems to have strengths in knowing the news cycles and what popular topics are going around involving the Broncos. Benjamin Allbright seems to have really good knowledge of the game of football and seems to have some good insight on the Broncos inner workings that he is able to share. Both work pretty good together to discuss various viewpoints. They also have guests on like football players (Steve Atwater for example) or other media personalities. The thing that brings me to this show is Ben and his football insights. Not to say Ryan is bad...I am just able to get the popular media talking points from many other sources. The football knowledge Ben adds is something I personally value.

    Here is a link to a June 3 video

    The media in general is pretty interesting in how it is evolving. The incentive structure people follow to get revenue is what drives a lot of content on various sources. If they want to get the revenue they need to talk about the popular topics that will get views/likes and other things. It is why every show will probably talk about the popular topics everyone wants to know about.

    I have always been odd. I use to go to the library to read articles from the Rocky Maintain News (I was living in Los Angeles before the internet got big). I like them because they would do in depth articles about the players allowing me to get to know the Broncos players, coaches and front office. It was what got me spending time in the library. I also like to see the information about how things get done. It is not always possible to do whatever one wants to do. Risks need to be taken. Not everything works out in real life. How does the team go forward when things did not work out. What are the contingency plans. It is hard to get the information real time as it is a very competitive business. Sometimes we do get that information 5-20 years down the road when it is safe to talk about it.
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    I rely on you!

    In some respects I’m only partially joking. This site tends to be my first stop for updated info and then the search for more sends me down various rabbit holes as main stream outlets become more team specific as I search sources and stories.

    But it almost always starts here.


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      DBCMB is the Best !!


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        I rely on this board and a couple rss feeds to get my Broncos news... when I was in the Air Force overseas, I wouldn't know until we received the Sunday Denver Post or RMN and it was usually a week old...
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          I regularly meet with Big John, over coffee or a beer, so that's the core of my knowledge..........probably shows, right?

          Wait, you sayin I should know a lot more if that's the case??!!

          To be fair to this thread/author, I get some goods from here,, and regular searches for Broncos' news.


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            1) Here......aka Top Quality Denver Broncos Forum

            2) ESPN

            3) Salt Lake Tribune (E-edition)

            4) NFL Network
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              Streaming The Fan radio shows for Denver

              Message board

              NFL Network.... although they rarely talk about the Broncos lately, unless it's in regards to the Aaron Rodgers saga.


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                Here and Twitter.


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                  Mile this one > Denver Broncos' DL Dre'Mont Jones Unveils Lofty 10-Sack Goal for 2021 - Sports Illustrated Mile High Huddle: Denver Broncos News, Analysis and More

                  You Tube

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                    Multiple sites.

                    Start with (SI)
           (particularly Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann's articles)
                    the broncos site (for the articles and the videos)
                    the DP (subscription required)
           (subscription required, but it's where I find Andrew Mason's articles)

                    I go out to and check out the Broncos articles for whatever Jeff Legwold has added.
                    and finally to for their team site on the Broncos to see anything new that might be posted.

                    And then I go out to and do a search on Denver Broncos and check the dates for when the videos are posted.

                    And a Google search for "Denver Broncos news" (with the quotes) to get news that includes the previously mentioned sites and sometimes articles regarding the Broncos on other team's sites or other sports sites.
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                      Broncos 365 phone app. And the DBCMB of course.


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                        I like bleacher report (app)...pick Denver as your favorite team and get news from various insiders and websites


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                          YouTube. if something of note should occur it shows up there.


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                            Twitter is a great source. This list is how I keep up with Broncos news in real-time.


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                              I follow Schefter for breaking NFL news

                              Broncos Country Tonight and Chat Sports (Broncos channel) on YouTube


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