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How do you get your Broncos news?

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    Green Bay signed QB Kurt Benkert just three days after acquiring Blake Bortles. Additionally, the team is rumored to have worked out ex-Broncos quarterback Chad Kelly this weekend at rookie minicamp, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported.


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      All over the internet. From the official website like here to that over in NFL Network or on Twitter there.
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        BCMBs essentially becomes my twitter news as this old Gen Xer still is resisting twitter. My love for gaming has me over the wall that was stopping me from twitter but just need to spend time on getting into it now.

        When I cut the cord over in 2019 it became more difficult to get some of my usual things like NFL network and ESPN. There is tons of free content that we can see without having to pay for any form of cable/cable like or Satellite sub tho. I use to value the NFL network and ESPN but TBH their quality was going down hill anyways.

        ESPN and NFL network put so much effort into Dallas and New York markets I am not sure if anyone outside of these cities has any reason to pay any amount of money to watch those shows imo. If those shows were as available as some of these other forms I would watch them for free...just not interesting in paying to watch the repeated same popular content I can get for free anywhere.
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          Originally posted by Thors Hammer View Post
          I follow Schefter for breaking NFL news

          Broncos Country Tonight and Chat Sports (Broncos channel) on YouTube

          Yeah, I tune in more to Schefter and folks like Rapoport when things are getting "busy".


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              Bleacher Report is usually my 1st stop. They alerted me Peyton was signing years ago minutes before anyone else had it. I've followed them and liked their content ever since.

              ESPN doesn't usually have the ground breaking updates as social media type sources, as they usually write up a story, but they're usually thorough.

              The Broncos 365 App is pretty good for interviews. I've seen them send the link to watch interviews as they're actually setting up the audio and video equipment.


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                I go down to the local VHS rental place because they always carry the latest copy of The Sporting News. Then I read it in the park near the pay phone because my wife knows the number and she can call it if she needs something from me. I've been stopping at this coffee shop on the way to the park lately; Starbucks. I guess it's a chain of some kind? I wonder if it will take off.
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