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    The “rules” surrounding the hits on QBs are so inconsistent it is ridiculous though.

    Have no clue what defenders are supposed to do anymore. Some refs call a swipe on the helmet as a defender is engaged with a blocker, some will call a push out of bounds when a QB is still inbounds, a defender going over the top of a late slide can get a flag and then the “ fake slide” or quick dash along the sidelines for extra yards as a defender eases up.

    All these add up to some confused defenders on how they can attack a QB.

    I would have preferred Surtain punish Mahomes at the goal line but I understand why he didn’t. Just not the way the game is played anymore.


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      PS2 is a True Bright Spot on this Team !! I always watch to see how many more Interceptions PS2 is going to get when it is all said and done for the Year. PS2 making game changing Interceptions during his Rookie Year wow just wait till PS2 is in his 2nd and 3rd Year that is where PS2 will become a TRUE LOCKDOWN CB !! The Future is so Bright with PS2 !! I do wish that he could of gotten NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Year however I think that Dallas has 2 that will win that award over PS2 and that is ok I am sure one year in the near Future PS2 just might win the NFL Defensive Player Of The Year Award Soon !!