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Man this defense is looking great!

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  • Man this defense is looking great!

    So many positions we are stacked on for defense, going to be an exciting year!
    We can rush the QB, we can play against the pass and we have depth, going to be a beast of a defense!
    Just hope the offense can do there part when needed and not have to many turnovers.

    What part are you most excited about for our defense this year?

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    I am most excited to see our pass rush with Von and Chubb finally together. I believe with their pressure along with Jones and Shelby inside our secondary is going to eat.


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      The defense definitely looks hungry so far. They’ve done a good job of creating turnovers and hopefully that carries over when the regular season starts. Guessing the D is gonna be one of the top units in the league this year.
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        Just preseason but, I agree that this defense looks really good. I imagine that they will probably give up some yards in games but they will not give up TD's very easily. I think its a must that they get turnovers hopefully setting up some short fields for the offense. I am very optimistic this defense will be an easy top 5.
        From reports in TC it sounds like Dre'mont Jones is going to be creating havoc on the opposing teams OL. Even the perceived weakness at ILB I think can be covered with a great pass rush and a deep defensive backfield.



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          Try not to get too high or too low in the preseason. Also realize a lot of starters were not playing.

          Still our players dominated ... it is promising.
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            Most excited to see our corners in the regular season. First season in about 2 years that I've been excited about the position. Feel like we have some great depth there this season!
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              I'll never forget in 2013 when we played the Seahawks in the preseason and they smashed us.
              It was in the their culture. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd they played to win. I like the way we are approaching the preseason, I don't think you get prepared or better at football by not playing football.