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Teddy Bridgewater Named Starting QB

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  • Originally posted by BroncoFanDK

    Well Bradley Roby was not to flattering about DW when interviewed by Talib.
    The reason the league has not punished him YET is that his many cases are in discovery and DW is not playing.
    As for Ray Lewis I assume that it is the accusation of being involved in a murder case - in which he was acquitted. In that case I don't see the point.
    As for Big Ben it is pretty hard to accuse someone of rape when the supposed victim first said that she had not been raped, said that she did not know if they had sex, later accused BB of rape, had a rape kit administered that found no evidence of her havins sex with BB.
    The rest I have no knowledge of what they are alleged to have done.
    Dude, if we're really trying to rationalize trading for Watson by pointing out previous murderers and rapists (allegedly) that played in the NFL then that's pretty sad.


    • Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post

      I'm glad you're optimistic, I wish I could get there. If we had to play those 3 games again I think we go 0-3. Those coaches have lost the locker room and now the injuries are piling up.
      This. One can see it if they just open their eyes. The second the other team gets a lead, the team throws in the towel. As Elway once famously put it.....there is no fight in this team. I personally, blame the coaches. I wondered last thursday if the guys mailed it in on the field, maybe they want the coaches gone as bad as the fans do. You will never hear any of them say that though.


      • Originally posted by MH Stampede

        There are 4 reasons our offense sucks.

        1) OL is a seive. No QB can be consistent when they are pressured on 3/4 of their passes.

        2) Shurmer sucks.

        3) Our QB's suck for different reasons. Lock is considerably more gifted than Teddy is, has the swagger, and ability (at times, rarely though) to elevate his play and come up with something big. Teddy is none of that, but he will complete a lot more passes because he isnt anywhere near as wildly inconsistent with his accuracy that Drew is. In the end, neither QB is all that good.

        4 Shurmer sucks
        Yes, the OL stinks in pass pro. This goes back to offensive game planning and play calling. Run the freaking ball! Mix it up, don't be so predictable, we should be protecting our weakness along the offensive line - like when we had 2 rookies starting. Run the freaking ball to protect their weakness!

        Don't get me wrong, Bridgewater isn't a pro bowl caliber QB, I just don't think he's terrible. He's serviceable, like a used Toyota, the elite teams have Jaguars and BMWs. At a certain level, if you don't have the guy at QB it doesn't matter if he's playing fine or not, he just isn't the guy, and I don't believe Bridgewater is the guy.


        • Thread cleaned. 70 posts deleted. So if you're missing some, that's what happened.

          Thread is about TB, not DW.

          Insults, no matter how "subtle" or "generalized", are getting old.

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