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  • Originally posted by Megalodon30 View Post

    The Niners were consistent playoff contenders starting year 1 under Harbaugh. With subpar QBs. Things fell apart in SF thanks to Harbaugh’s huge ego, but keep him happy and he’ll have your team competing.

    And college is an entirely different animal than the NFL. I could care less what happens in college. Give me the coach that has consistent SB aspirations with middle of the road QBs.
    agreed , for three straight years 2011 - 2013 the 49ers were a better team than the patriots , i get what others are saying but its a warts and all thing for me , the broncos offense looks anaemic , even in 95 where the colts narrowly lost the afc championship game he had a quality about him , like the nike logo just do it , if he'll come of course.