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Von Miller Traded To Rams

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    He was playing great too. Just what this team needs, less winners. Bye Fangio. Can’t wait to see him go at this point. All of the front office too. Hopefully we get another good owner, without that, dark times continue.


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      Originally posted by Mosk
      I don’t think we’re done selling either. I would like to see Paton go full rebuild.

      Fant to Packers
      Fuller to Bucs
      Gordon to Titans
      Our Defense looked better than it has all year yesterday, Fant can't block and has two pre snap penalties a game plus a hold. Has anyone else noticed he starts to fall down the second a defender gets within 10 yards. What a bust...

      Thanks for the memories Von...


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        Originally posted by FR Tim

        Do they really have any real value in that type of trade though. End of the 2nd and 3rd picks?

        Any significant trades as you propose will be taking the Bronco’ 1st rounders and beginning with f each rd picks.

        More likely these are the “replacement player” the FO will be putting on the field.

        Sorry to see Miller go. Not just his Bronco legacy but as confirmation that the FO has quit on the season as much as the coaches and players.

        Well, if not directly than indirectly. Maybe a team would take 1sts only, but 2nds aren't exactly bad as collateral. Neither are 3rds. But I propose indirectly as well, because say Paton pulls the trigger and pays out some 1sts in a deal. Now we have another 2nd and 3rd that we did not have earlier today, which could be very useful in acquiring other non QB talent.


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          Glad for Von, he now has the opportunity to be a Real Sack defender. He will make the Rams defense better. Aaron Donald and Von will be on a tear, But I believe Von has the opportunity to work with the Rookie Jonah Williams just like a guy named Damarcus worked with the rookie that was once Von.

          The draft picks will be used by the new organization as the re-build begins. and I understand the team will pay Von's 9 mil salary.

          Good Luck Mr Miller we enjoyed many a good memories.


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            Horrible trade for us. We lose our franchise player, swallow $9m for a couple of day 2 picks?... Von easily has 3-4 years in the tank.
            Happy for Von though.


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              Originally posted by GiddyupGetEm
              Without Demarcus Ware, Von has been unproductive and isn’t a real leader. This is good for the Broncos.

              To be a career Bronco, you need to show heart and leadership every season, like Rod Smith. Von hasn’t shown either in years.
              Thats on us not Von. He will tear it up in LA, just watch.


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                I wish Von the best of luck. Broncos got a 2 and 3, he goes to a contender. Dude was limping the last time he played for Denver. I hope he goes out strong with another trophy to crown his career.


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                  Remember boys, the only reason we even got Von was because of one of the darkest and most frustrating parts of our history - the McDaniels era. Even such a **** time ended up with some amazing outcomes. It happened once, it can happen again. I'm looking forward to the next era of the Broncos, and I'm looking forward to watching Von get another ring this year.
                  I hope he makes sure to retire a Bronco, though!


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                    Saying Von wasn't a real leader implies having locker room and practice access to hear what he says and what others have said about him. Don't make outlandish comments out of yall backside.
                    Yea Von numbers haven't been jumping off the page lately, but he has also not been being used the way he was in the past. Again our great defensive coach has been having Von in passing coverage.Not gonna get many sacks chasing around slot wide outs and tight ends.

                    Be thankful for what he did bring to the team, show respect.
                    Adopted Broncos:


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                      im glad von gets to go play for a ring and the extra picks we def. need because i do not see any of our FA's wanting to resign to this mess


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                        I’ve led the anti-Paton brigade… Signing Darby and drafting PS2 really ticked me off. Then that comment came about franchise CB harder to find than a franchise QB….

                        but today…. Getting 2 Day 2 picks for an injured, soon to be 32 year impending free agent…. Great trade.

                        i will now relent and see what he does next 8 months.

                        good trade!


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                          Happy for von. A new team where he is challenged will be great for his career. He's tired of losing and he'll have to play his best in LA or he will look like a punk. I expect him to return to all pro form.

                          Denver needs to do more. Especially Fant, Fuller, either qb, Gordon, Sutton, anyone they can get value in players or picks.

                          All the coaches must go. Ownership must get resolved. Just my two cents.


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                            Good for Von. I think he'll have a late-career resurgence on a better team. As much as I hate to think it, we're several years at minimum from competing at that level. Good to cash in some value for rebuilding or trading up.


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                              He hasn't been worth a thing since dancing with the stars.
                              Glad we could get something for him


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                                One of the all time greats for this team no doubt. Hate that we aren't contenders but with the situation being what it is this was a smart trade. I hope we aren't done.