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    Originally posted by MH Stampede View Post

    I dont think we will be much better off at QB next season as we are now. Not because Paton sucks, or anything like that. But because this year's crop of qb's is reportedly weak. Which means any top prospects are going to be drafted long before we get to pick.

    That leaves free agency or a trade. Any free agent "name" qb's, are going to be sought after by more than just us. It could well come down to a bidding war. We have cap space to work with here. We also feature an elite corps of skill players to draw interest. But an OL that isnt all that good. We can compete for a free agent, but it would be very very costly. And may not land one anyway.

    That leaves a trade. IMO, the most likely route to a serious upgrade at QB. We have a bevy if quality draft picks to use here. Still, few teams are willing to trade away the kind of qb we are looking for, a guy to solidify the position for the next 5+ years.

    So in the end, we are most likely going to end up with Teddy for another year, or some other journeyman that does "ok", but isnt going to be all that good.

    The good news is, that the year after, 2023, is by all acounts, likely to have several top college qb prospects. We may have to suck it up and just deal with mediocre (or worse) qb's til then.

    No matter what is said on this board, finding, and landing, that next franchise qb isnt easy. Despite the talk, you simply dont just "draft a guy", and have a good qb. Some posters like to make it sound as if we should be able to do that pretty much any time we want. I mean, if the people in the front office would just listen up, some of the posters here could tell them everything there is to know about how to draft, and who they should pick. And that, would solve every problem the Broncos have.
    I like almost all what you say. I completely agree that drafting a QB is no immediate solution to anything. It can be a jinx in fact, if you put too much stock into your selection, because the player may not be ready to perform at a decent level for at least a year, maybe two......OR worse, he may never be the guy. And as such, if you think you are set, you might make some poor decisions around that selection, so much so that if the QB does not live up, you have to backtrack a little for the other selections/choices you made, plus you are back into QB recruitment mode....hence, another year or two behind.

    And though you mention Teddy for next year, even just as a possibility, even I as a supporter of the guy can not accept that. I like the guy, I think he has played well at times, he seems to be respected by his mates, but he is not the guy going forward. Can't even imagine what the greater fanbase would say about it.

    But as you mention, we have a pretty nice group of draft picks, which may get bigger if we convert a trade or two, plus last I read, we had the 2nd most cap space. These are very good chunks of resourcing possibilities. Again, I am assuming a little here about Paton, but if he is the talent expert we've been told, and he is a strategic, polished GM, I see opportunity.

    Where I do get iffy and even biased, is in the notion we can acquire a quality pro next year, rather than going the draft route. When I say "quality pro" I do not want a Keenum, Flacco(??) type. I am still hooked on one of the bigger fish, even if the odds are low, and the price is high. That's the bias vs the long term strategy.

    Buy yes I agree. Some folks think you just push the "Draft QB" button, and out comes the franchise player we all hope for. The guy who has a very good rookie season and then just gets better.
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      For some the TB era has been too long. I think the next 2 games will determine who plays beyond, this season. Any semblance of a win and some good play, and he probably stays put. Two losses, or a win and poor production (by TB), and yes, I see Lock getting another try.

      It's not the worst scenario, at least from perspective. I mean, if we at least one of these two critical games, and he plays well, no real reason to make that change...given how far we've gone with him.

      But losses and poor production should legitimately end our hopes, and his reign at QB this season.

      I like to think positive, and though that won't endear me to everyone, but I just want to win the next 2 games....and if we pull that off, odds are TB deserves to keep it going.


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        Oh yea, we should be able to win against the Chargers and the Chiefs , no problem!!!


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          With the tendencies by the coaches, there will be no game planning for Lock. The only way he plays is if Teddy is injured, and then it may well be him that saves the season ( Not Really).

          I hope a complete re-build of this coaching staff, as they will never be able to grow a rookie QB with the lack of any offensive expertise.


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            Originally posted by MrMax View Post
            Oh yea, we should be able to win against the Chargers and the Chiefs , no problem!!!
            Right on!!!!!


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              It was nice for Drew that the Chargers scored in the 4th quarter. Otherwise, he would have been responsible for spoiling a shutout.
              "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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                The QB deficiency on this team is real...


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                  Originally posted by Taos_Broncomaniac View Post
                  The QB deficiency on this team is real...
                  Real what?
                  "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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                    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                    It was nice for Drew that the Chargers scored in the 4th quarter. Otherwise, he would have been responsible for spoiling a shutout.
                    I said I wouldn't say anything negative about him, so I won't....

                    At least he didn't lose a fumble.....

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                      Lock: 2 picks and 1 fumble in 2 games, 57% completion
                      Bridgewater: 5 picks and 1 fumble in 10 games, 69% completion

                      Last year
                      Lock: 15 picks and 8 fumbles in 13 games, 57% completion

                      Lock doesn't take care of the ball. It cost us a touchdown today. Plus he's not accurate.

                      Sorry, but he sucks and he's always gonna suck. Bridgewater is dead average and Drew will never get close to that level.
                      Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


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                        Lock is horrendous. He almost lost us the game today. He is a horrible QB and furthermore he's a bonehead. So stupid and dumb that there is no hope for that loser. I hope he rots on the bench for the rest of the year and then gets cut the minute our season's over. Simply, a disgrace. What a bum!


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                          Originally posted by CoryWinget81 View Post

                          The evidence there of Bridgewater turning down big plays all year is pretty damning.

                          I don't find it to be so. Just because somebody gets open deep at some point during the play, it does not necessarily imply that he was open at an earlier time when the QB was looking in his direction during his progression, or that the play design intended for the QB to throw to him, or that the QB could see the open receiver over his linemen. The QB's job is not to stand back in the shotgun and wait to throw to whomever gets open. He's supposed to look at the receivers in a certain sequence -- or a subset of the receivers -- and then get the ball out to the dump-off option if no one was open when the QB was reading them in the progression. Because otherwise it's sack city. Merely demonstrating that sometimes receivers get open far downfield tells us little as to whether the play was even designed to go to them, or if they were decoys to distract the defense. (And perhaps the defense realizes that and allows the receiver to get open because they are putting more energy into shutting down the route where they think the play is really going.)

                          Bridgewater is starting because he is doing what the coaches want him to do, at least a lot more than Lock is. They are not looking for low-percentage Buzz Lightyear stuff from the QB most of the time. Whether they should want that is a different question. But it is what it is.


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                            Ugh Lock - what in the heck were you doing?

                            It's over for him as a potential starter in Denver.


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                              That should settle it. He's simply not going to be a NFL level QB in Denver.


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                                Lock needs to be demoted to #3 on the depth chart. You cant have a backup QB go in there and fumble and throw a terrible INT in only 1 quarter of relief. Completely unacceptable. He literally almost lost us the game with those shenanigans.