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Getting Pumped For Sunday Night!!

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  • Getting Pumped For Sunday Night!!

    I keep saying it, but had anyone told me a month or more ago that we'd still be in the playoff race by this time of the season, I'd have been quite happy. After our quick start, the next 4 games were not easy to take, even though the word was we had it too soft in those first 3. But here we are, 6 wins, all equal in the eyes of the playoff formula.

    I realize that we are the underdogs this Sunday, as we should be. But every game there's a fav and an underdog, with minor exception. But even given the odds, when I look at results of those who predict games, they are usually not even close to getting "obvious" games correct. Simply put, you play the game for a reason. The other thing to remember, there are many tangibles/intangibles going into each game, and failure to consider them all can lead you down a narrow path of thinking. For example, momentum, confidence, health...which can help both teams Sunday, but in my opinion, are definitely working for us. These young men we have been raving about of late - Surtain, Browning, Cooper, Williams, and so on..... are gaining in confidence and belief. They can see the fruit of their labour. Soundly beating Dallas and The Chargers within 3 weeks will do that to you. And I agree with the sentiment that though The Broncos have not done well in KC for a while, none of these rookies have experienced a loss to them in KC. Not saying they don't appreciate and respect KC, but this notion that it will be a real factor seems a little weak, given many of our players have either never played and lost there, or hardly at all. Throw in the 2nd year players and the rookies, and you really don't have a deep mindset on losing in KC. Then throw on top of it that many athletes believe in winning their next game, and this just happens to be our next.

    Then there's the injury situation, and I understand we may see some of the guys back for Sunday, including Bolles, Jackson and Harris. If that's not fact, at least there's hope for them very soon.

    I do agree that KC is the best team in the division, based on record and recent trend. But they are not elite, and in fact, are barely ahead of us in the standings. One game! They too know how big this game is, and if our guys hold them down for the first half, it becomes a flat out battle after that. And you never want to give the so called underdog too much life, or too much confidence. You do not want to be the lead dog only to see another running side by side and hungry. KC can get rattled too.

    KC is still a high level passing team, but they are basically average in rushing. Below average in pass D, and barely above average in run D. Mahomes, Kelce and Hill are the main weapons to defend. Keep the triangle of talent down, and they are in for a long night. And I still believe we can pound the ball down their throats. That's part of our winning formula - D and Run. How much pass game we can employ could be the difference. Go long early to keep them honest, and make sure we use all receivers if we can. Sure would like to see more TE involvement.

    Hope you folks are getting more pumped, like I am. In spite of the "issues" we've discussed many, many times, this is all about one game standing square in front of us. For me this has nothing to do with who starts, who coaches, what draft pick we get, rather it's a very meaningful game for our entire team. And I am proudly behind our boyz and quite excited for them to show the football world that they can play on the bigger stage!!!
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    I know there are more of you out there!!!


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      You know I'm out here and you know I'm totally on board! Huge game and the most difficult game left on the schedule. If we win, we take the division lead, end our losing streak to the Chefs, and we let everyone know that the Broncos are back! If we lose, we're still right in the middle of the playoff race with our hardest game left in the season behind us. I believe the recipe for winning this game is to run the ball down their throats, control the clock, and keep their offense on the sideline. Hopefully we'll get some of our injured guys back but I'm really impressed with how our backups have played. Can't wait till Sunday night!!!
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        If there is a year to beat the chiefs it's this year. If we cannot beat them I think it'll be a stain on Fangio's resume that against our division leader he just can't get this team over the hump.

        The players have got to be hungry. Here is one thing I'm looking at when we play the chiefs. Surely they are tired of hearing the 11 straight losses so in saying that, this team needs to play with some passion and fire. If they come out just going through the motions and are blown out then I will say we don't need to get any playoff aspirations or hopes again and fangio should be gone at the end of the year.

        Should the team come out and win it'll be the first time in a while that I felt like we are playing some good football at the right time. A lot hinges on this game. This is a playoff game and I'm curious to watch all phases of the team and coaches to see if they can finally get that win. It's an ugly stat but all streaks have to end sometime. I hope this Sunday is that time.

        How confident am I with this match-up???? Sorry to say it I don't think we win. I do believe we give a tremendous effort this Sunday night bit I always feel like our offense will give the chiefs one too many chances to score and the d will get gassed before long. I have us losing a Heartbreaker 28-21 we get the 21 by a garbage time td in the 4th after a turnover by the offense gives the chiefs the ball in a 21-14 game. Hope I'm wrong about it.


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          This is the most excited I have been for a Broncos game in a couple of years. The last time we had some momentum that had me slightly optimistic and excited for the back end of a Broncos season was in 2018. That year we were 6-6 going up against the 2-10 49ers when we choked and went on to lose out. I am still not convinced about this team as I think we will be inconsistent as long as we have a mediocre quarterback, but this is the most optimistic week I have had since Fangio was in charge.

          An interesting little note. In 2019 we put together back to back wins twice in the season, Kansas City snapped those win streaks both times killing any momentum we had. In 2020 we won back to back wins only once, and again Kansas City were the team to kill our momentum.


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            Statement game, either way.
            If we win or keep it within 3 to 7 points, maybe we are turning the corner, but if we lose or get blown out, it's time to rethink the game plan.


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              We'll have Mahomes running for his life. Hopefully, mostly backwards.

              I'm going to predict an upset Broncos victory by 10+ points. 33-23.

              1 defensive touchdown and 1 special teams TD... just for good measure


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                December game in KC.... As optimistic as I can be, this was always the toughest game on the schedule. Losing this game in any fashion really shouldn't sound any alarms on this team. Mahomes still does the stuff that our D struggles with. The win would be HUGE, a loss would be NBD.


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                  Originally posted by BiscuitBronco View Post
                  We'll have Mahomes running for his life. Hopefully, mostly backwards.

                  I'm going to predict an upset Broncos victory by 10+ points. 33-23.

                  1 defensive touchdown and 1 special teams TD... just for good measure
                  That's a spicy take!

                  You're going to look like a genius if this comes true though!

                  I am so pumped for this game.

                  I don't have my hopes too high, but at the same time, I really believe in our chances as well.

                  Chiefs were 3-4 before their 4 game win streak. We were 3-4 before going 3-1. Chiefs have had a rougher schedule, but they've also looked not so great a number of times even in their wins.

                  It's been great seeing the confidence of many posters on the board rise up along side our record. When we were 3-0, even the optimists could admit we had to prove more before anyone would really buy in.

                  Well, I think more people are starting to buy in now. On these boards, and I've also seen it from fans elsewhere. I think the players are starting to feel the same thing.

                  Cowboys are a playoff team. Technically so is WFT right now. Chargers were in a wildcard slot when we beat them. Our 3 wins in the past 4 have been against decent competition.

                  We'll probably know pretty early on in the game if we're going to have a shot at the win.

                  Can't wait!

                  Thanks, Reid!
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                    We need this win in so many ways.


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                      We were a crucial KJ Hamler drop on 3rd down (followed by Fangio’s ridiculous refusal to go for it on 4th down around midfield) away from a win over KC last season on SNF. Fangio has the recipe to limit the Chiefs’ damage. We have a better, somewhat healthier football team this time around. I have hope for a W.


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                        Lets go!!!! Time to end the losing streak to the chefs and knock them off their thrown as kings of the afc west!!!!


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                          I'll be at the game with a chefs fan
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                            Originally posted by ozzies94ta View Post
                            I'll be at the game with a chefs fan
                            Have fun...enjoy some of their tailgater stuff, including some tasty KC beef....and then enjoy the victory!!


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                              The point spread/pick 'em guys think this is going to be way closer than the Vegas odds. We're a 9.5 Dog on the road. I can see a dozen different ways we can win this but also dread something going wrong and seeing this slip away. Hopefully Bolles is ready for that KC edge rush. This Defense is playing lights out, time for the offense to keep pace.

                              Basically KC has everything to lose and that gives us the upper hand IMO.