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    Yep. The PATS are that good.


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      Originally posted by Ravage!!!
      Its not LUCk that the NE Patriots got to or won the Super Bowl...but one COULD say its either good luck that Brady didn't miss any games due to injury, or BAD luck that Denver not only lost their starter, but their back-up as well.

      Mostly you are right on the money here. But IT is luck not to lose your starters, during 97-99 we had very few injuries and almost none to our studs. The next few years the studs and team leaders went down like logs in a clear cut forest.

      I keep hearing how many injuries the NE Patriots had, but they didn't lose as many or THE positions we did. I can't, or won't, take anything away from the Patriots. They won the S.B. two out of three years... they are the Bronco's of the late nineties right now. THE team the beat. Denver won their share of close games during the SB runs.. we had the luck on our side that first was a magical year for us. Right down to our kicker matching the NFL record! Don't take their wins away from them. They EARNED every one of them.

      Here I have some disagreement with your statements. The way I remember most of those games we were blowing them away offensively. Dominating them and the ONLY REASON they were in the games is Robinsons "bend but don't break D" We would grind them into the ground on O only to have the D give up quick points near the end of the game, via the pass not eneough to win the game but our D was only good enough to hang on.

      Our team looked really good early on in the year.. injuries hurt a TON....but EVERY team needs to deal with it. Usually teams that either lose the fewer people or those that don't lose the major players do better (ala Chiefs)... but we will be better this year.
      The PATS are a team of a few studs but mostly journey men players what has caused them to go to the superbowl has been the lack of injuries to ther "studs" and good Defense and they had great coaching.

      They lost team leaders over the past few years Bledso, had the WR conterversy with Brown I think it was and at the last year at the last moment one of the premier DBs Milloy, that controversy would have devastated most other teams. They lost a couple then got right back track and plugged away. They had no running game, and OK passer and really good D and last but not least an ELITE coach.

      Its the coach that got them to the SB, plus playing in weak division and having weather as their 12th man didn't hurt either