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R.I.P. John Madden

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  • R.I.P. John Madden

    Posting it here because for some of us old timers he was the beginning of the Broncos and Raiders rivalry. Madden and Summerall is the sound of football for me. Rest easy John.

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    Oh wow, that's terrible news. I think that's the only raider I really admired and respected. May he rest in peace and prayers go out to his family and all the players coaches and owners that knew him. A remarkable man. 🥺


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      "R.I.P. Fat Man"- Old Timers will get it.
      Bring Back ORANGE Sunday!!!

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        Originally posted by broncojuan View Post
        "R.I.P. Fat Man"- Old Timers will get it.
        I was thinking the same thing! He was a pain to play against but you never really hated him, he was too likable, at least to me....

        Rest in Peace Coach Madden, we had some great games versus you in the 70's....


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          I always liked John Madden. He was a big time football character, and I mean that in a very good way. He was a champion HC, and went on to have a great broadcasting career, always bringing his own special style to the booth. You could count on him to say something that no one else would think of. Of course he will live on and on with his incredibly popular game.

          So long to a very talented, unique and likable man!


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            The voice of football:



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              I think because he had such a successful post-football life broadcasting people can forget how good of a coach he was.

              He still leads all Super Bowl era coaches in Winning Percentage with .759. That probably doesn't get touched unless LaFluer can somehow sustain his crazy start for a decade. Belichick would have to win 151 consecutive games to match that percentage.

              Great story I heard him tell when he was a young coach at a Junior College he thought he pretty much knew it all. He had saved up some money and decided to go see Vince Lombardi speak at a coaching clinic. Lombardi spoke to the room for 8 hours on a single play, the Packer Sweep. Madden left that and told himself "I don't know a damn thing."

              Rest easy Coach.

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                I despised many of the Raider players in those days but I didn't really hate Madden. I loved him as a sportscaster and pitchman. After watching the All Madden documentary, I liked him even more. Godspeed Mr Madden.


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                  Rip . He was a great representation of the NFL.


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                    Hooray, beer!


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                      RIP Coach Madden


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                        Rest in peace, John.

                        Thank you for everything you did for the game of football and for the NFL.



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                          RIP Legend.

                          I remember Madden as a broadcaster!

                          Thank you for memories, Madden!
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                            Respect for Madden. He also had respect for the Broncos and how tough it was to play in Denver.


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                              He's my favorite announcer of all time, no question.