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    Welcome fellow Bronco fans! (Or fans of other teams, we will try not to hold that against you too much.)

    For some reason, whenever anybody has a question, I'm usually the one that they come to, so I figure I'd start a newbie FAQ thread. If there is something that these few tidbits do not answer, then post a question and we'll see if anyone can help you out. So here we go...

    Q: How do I get a picture under my name/profile?

    A: Those are called "avatars". You can only have one after you've made 10 posts. After you've made your first 10 posts, go to the user cp button at the top of your screen. Click on "User options", then go all the way down to the bottom. You will see a "change avatar" button. Click that and upload an avatar, or use one of the pre-set ones. The image must be 80X80 or smaller.

    Q: How can I get a photo shrunk to the correct size?

    A: You can use any photo editer installed on your computer. If you are not sure how to use one, please contact myself or JoviBronco who has also graciously volunteered to help. We will assist you with shrinking your photo!

    Q: How do I update my profile (location, etc)

    A: Go back to the user CP, this time chose "update profile". Fill in the new information and click submit.

    Q: How do I get a picture in each of my posts?

    A: That is a signature picture. You will need to post a picture in your signature using the IMG tag. Find a picture that is posted online somewhere, copy the URL. Then use the following format:

    [ iMG][ /IMG] (without the spaces in the tags)

    Sometimes the site will take a little while before it updates with your image. Just keep trying. If you notice that your image is too big PLEASE take it down and resize it before re-posting it. There are not any pre-assigned size limits on this board for the signature, but please keep your fellow posters in mind.

    Q: It says that I have included too many images in my post, what does that mean?

    A: You can only use five smilies per post (except in the case of private messages...Yay!) If you use more than five smilies or you have more images in a pic than that, the board will not let you post that message. Push the back button on your browser to return to/edit your post.

    Q: How do I quote what someone has said into my post without having to copy & paste the whole thing?

    A: After each post there is a little button on the right side that says "quote" This will bring up the reply window with that post already quoted (giving credit to originator) in it.

    Q: How can I get the text over my avatar to say something other than "Practice Squad" or "Benchwarmer"?

    A:The text over the avatar is a "title" can change it by going to your user CP, scrolling down to "custom title" in the user profile part of your options...

    Q: What is the COC that I hear people referring to?

    A: That is the Code of Conduct. There is a copy of it in the "code of conduct" section of the board, and you also agree to adhere to it when you sign up for the board. Code of Conduct

    Q: Why are some of my posts edited/censored?

    A: The board has an auto-censor for certain words that the management has felt are unnecessary, derogatory or offensive. If you go around the censor, chances are one of our awesome moderators will catch it & change your post. Please be considerate of your fellow posters (and the mods!) when you are typing your thoughts! It is understood that some discussions may get heated and you may feel argumentative or feel like smack-talking/mixing it up with fans from other teams--that is what the smack section is for! But please remember, everyone is human & has feelings/fears--Do not personally attack someone for their beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, etc...If someone attacks you to the point you feel uncomfortable, feel free to report their post to the moderators by clicking the "report post" link at the bottom of the post.

    Q: What is a "PM"?

    A: A PM is a Private Message. You can turn the feature on or off in your user options on the User CP. Some people (like me) have my options set so that whenever I recieve a new private message a box will pop up informing me of it & asking if I want to view it. Others will have a notification sent via email. You can turn all of these options off or on in your user CP.
    Private messages are between you and another person (or people). I, personally, will not repeat anything said in PM unless it is of importance to the administrators/moderators on this board (for example harrassment, etc.) To send a private message, you can either a) find a member's profile & chose the option to send a private message from there or b) go to your user CP, go to private messages & send a message from there. There is a 1000 character limit to each message and a 60 second rule (only 1 message per minute can be sent).

    Q: I have been getting emails from the website everytime someone replies to a message that I started or that I have posted on. How can I get them to stop?

    A: Go to user CP and your user options, check to make sure that your option of "Use 'Email Notification' by default?" is set to no.
    Also, if you have subscribed to the thread, whenever someone posts, you will recieve an email saying "so and so replied to your subscribed message". If you do not want to recieve these messages and longer, unsubscribe from the message (in your user CP as well)

    Some general things to keep in mind:

    1) Check to see if there is already a thread regarding a recent subject (ie, Broncos signed so & so, broncos draft, etc etc) This cuts down on the mods having to move threads!

    2) The moderators are here to help you out too--if someone posts something harrassing or threatening click on "report post" and let the mods know what is going on.

    3) Watch which area you are posting in--If you are going to make a post about something not related to football, chances are it's going to get moved anyway--just put it in "Anything but football" yourself from others posting "Can't this be somewhere else"...

    4) If you have any questions that you'd like to bring up privately with the staff, please address them in the Community Issues forum located under the feedback forum. Anything you post in there cannot be seen by any other member, only you and the staff.

    5) Have fun!
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    Bump this up for all the newbies...


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      Originally posted by jdslick2
      Also, try to keep your posts a little shorter than a Masters Thesis.
      He's right - you really need to dumb down your responses so some of the "slicker" members can understand what you say - we have some people here who feel the compelling need to go into every thread and post one or two sentence replies that insult someone and have nothing to do with the topic of the thread - so ya know to be fair we should cater to their needs and only post what they can understand - which is two sentences worth of insulting, non-topic, drivel.


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        Ah well gees you guys - going to make me delete the thread again...Good goin'!


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          Originally posted by jdslick2
          ...... If you do say something less than positive about the Broncos, either blame the Refs, Raiders, Chiefs or me.

          Also make sure you use those cheezy little smiles and such at the end of your posts. Some people need those to understand your intent.
          okay, as much of a prick as jdlcklick is... that was funny!
          mum's the word.. cause it seems no matter what i say right here, it always gets deleted.


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            lmao. that was pretty funny.


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              Theres no Newb's who have reply'd in the thread.


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                Originally posted by B4Bronco16
                Theres no Newb's who have reply'd in the thread.
                That's because I deleted the other thread in which they had replied...


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                  Okay I updated it!


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                    thanks answered my questoion


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                      how do we change our niknames?


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                        Thanks Blue, your post was very helpful!


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                          Re: niknames

                          Originally posted by SappRaid
                          how do we change our niknames?
                          Email the mgr @ [email protected]


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                            I like n00bs
                            E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!

                            Philly represent


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                              got a quick question, how can I get photos side by side underneath the text?