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Who was the bigger bust in Denver? Cutler?Osweiler?Lynch?Lock?

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    Originally posted by listopencil View Post

    Players just did not respond to him as well as they needed to. Sure, you can say that it's not fair. And it's not fair to compare a kid on a rookie contract to PFM. But there it is. Maybe the players would have responded to him if he had stuck around to take the job once Manning retired. But he didn't, and that's on him. My impression of him is that he got his feelings hurt when the organization picked PFM over him, and the team responded, and we ended up with a storybook Superbowl win. So I think he was kind of a big baby about the whole thing and when he left I said good riddance. I do recall a bit of drama when it came down to getting him signed to a team. Something about his agent telling him not to answer the phone when Elway called because he'd be offered slightly more than what he was getting and he didn't want to be tempted to take it? I'd have to go look it up but it sounded incredibly childish at the time.
    I don't disagree with most of what you are saying (I actually think the seeds for his temper tantrum were planted when he didn't get an extension before the start of the year), and I don't want anybody to think I thought Brock was the answer. However if Elway gives him an extension, he doesn't throw his little temper tantrum because he knows he's the starter next year (Peyton's retirement was a forgone conclusion at that point); Kubes is happy because by most accounts he thought he could work with Brock; there is no way we trade up to draft Paxton because we are not in a desperate situation and we have a QB our coach likes; we are set at RB with Henry (if the mocks I was following were correct); and, I think, there is a very good chance we take Dak with our 4th round compensatory pick. Of course this is 1000% pure speculation (and a little hindsight fantasy), but it fits. There would be no need for Dallas to take him because they got their QB in the trade. There would be no need for us to take Booker one pick after the Dallas pick because we filled that need in the first round, and there is a very good chance we feel the need to upgrade our back-up with only Siemian on the roster.

    Just think about that Draft. Even if we don't take Dak, we would have still had Henry and Simmons, and potentially our starting QB for the next 15 years... somebody call Doc Brown!
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